i’m sorry, but i don’t get harry potter

i think for my whole life i’ve underestimated how much impact the harry potter books and movies have had on the world.

i was listening to a podcast i really like that’s about walt disney world this morning and they were discussing how adding the wizarding world of harry potter to universal studios caused universals market share in the theme park industry to skyrocket and all i thought was “why?”

i guess it’s because i haven’t read the books (i tried, don’t have that much attention span) or seen the movies (i also tried, too scary for me), but i really don’t understand how much people love harry potter. i always thought harry potter was like mean girls where everybody knows it and everyone references it but nobody would schedule a 1000 dollar vacation for it. i guess i’m wrong.

i’ve actually been to the harry potter section of universal studios in orlando and it honestly made me anxious because the walkways are super narrow, other than that the rides (especially duelling dragons) are cool, at least it wasn’t absolutely terrifying like the jurassic park area *shivers*.

i think this realization should’ve dawned on me earlier because people get harry potter tattoos and have harry potter themed houses, but i thought it was just a niche weirdo thing like how i have a bedroom that’s dripping in stuffed animals.

took a pottermore quiz with my friends like a year ago and apparently i’m a gryffindor?

i don’t know what that entails.

all i know is that it has the ugliest colors (red and gold = vomit blood) and hufflepuff has the cutest colors (to me). god i’m vapid.

also, did you know people go on like week long trips to universal? i can understand maximum 2 days. again this is probably a me problem but i went for one day once and we did almost everything in the park and the girls i was stuck with insisted we rest for like 2 hours and i lost my ticket which caused a 1 hour delay so like if that hadn’t happened i think we could’ve done everything. maybe if your’e like a huge harry potter fan and you wanna go through each store and stuff i can get spending more time i guess…

maybe i’m like an oblivious idiot and i need to just suck it up and watch harry potter so i can get it. i probably still wouldn’t get it though because the section of the movie i watched scared me half to death.


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