language learning with mikah part 1

so i think i’m gonna change my major in college to linguistics because of my language learning skills (and i don’t believe i’m talented enough to be successful in music). i think i could maybe enjoy being a translator.

i’ve mentioned before that this summer i really wanna focus on my acquisition of languages and thus i think i should make a series on my blog about my study habits to keep myself accountable.

here’s my study log for the past week.

sunday, june 17th

i did a little practice for chinese stroke order for 20 minutes. didn’t do much else 😦

monday, june 18th

i took notes in korean for 30 minutes and reviewed japanese for 25 minutes.

tuesday, june 19th

i reviewed korean for an hour and then read through all of my russian notes.

wednesday, june 20th

i studied russian for 45 minutes and reviewed korean for 15 minutes.

thursday, june 21st

i reviewed swahili for an hour and a half and translated some korean tweets for about 35 minutes.

friday, june 22nd

i took korean notes for an hour and a half and practiced japanese spelling for about 30 minutes.

saturday, june 23rd

i practiced writing chinese for 30 minutes, reviewed japanese for 25 minutes, and studied korean for about 40 minutes.


if you’re interested in my language stuff, i’d be happy to write about my language study secrets if you request.



2 thoughts on “language learning with mikah part 1

  1. Omg, that’s so many languages! That’s really impressive! I’m learning Japanese now and seeing your study schedule I can see I need to put a lot more effort into it! I’d love for you to share some tips on how to learn languages!

    I feel like you don’t need a degree to be good at/succeed in music, but if you want to work in linguistics a degree would help you a lot, so maybe that’s a good decision!


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