liveblogging black panther

i still have’nt seen black panther yet so i’ve decided i should liveblog my comments as i finally watch it. i love talking during movies so imagine i’m leaning over at you in the movie theatre making these comments.

  • this intro is super cool in animation even if it starts with the princess bride style narrative
  • is that an armalite rifle?
  • oop we love a shaved head on a woman
  • ugh i love wax print fabric
  • that marvel intro with the comic book pages flipping is still corny they really need to change it
  • good god chadwick boseman is cute
  • danai gurira too
  • imagine if in the black panther helmet there was just another head
  • aah lupita! she surprised me there
  • oop t’challas gonna kill everyone
  • WALLAHI (i love hearing one of my favorite words)
  •  ok scenery, go off
  • you ever think about how in real life africa there are a lot of technological advancements being made but nobody ever gives any african person credit?
    ooh critical social commentary in a marvel movie
  • YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is a whole ass conspiracy
  • i got goose bumps (waterfall scene)
  • the strength of the black panther. stripped. Away.
  • shuri is a relatable girl
  • oh my god
  • oh my god
  • mbaku doesn’t have to do this to me
  • you know winston duke apparently went to high school with jenna marbles?
  • holy colors
  • i love saturated colors but i also love desaturated colors so it’s hard to pick a favorite.
  • no it’s not i prefer desaturated colors
  • here’s a hot take: african and african inspired architecture is far nicer than any brutalist or minimalist architecture will ever be
  • is that the dude from get out?
  • i still haven’t seen get out i’m worried it’ll scare me
  • god i love elderly people
  • chadwick boseman must hate doing the wakandan salute more than i hate being in the same room as turkey meat
  • i love how shuri pronounces korea
  • i hope i hear lupita say something in korean
  • was that a “what are those”?
  • oooo boy that outfit’s fresh
  • c’mon wig
  • lupita saying 고마워 is gonna be my new ringtone
  • is that the dude from sherlock? i hated that show. except for the first episode
  • a soundcloud joke?
  • COME. ON. WIG.
  • wow, this dude’s got shooters
  • there’s kendrick
  • shuri is like the funniest character ever in a superhero movie
  • “guns. so primative” true.
  • i love to see lupita look like she’s having fun
  • i should stop acting like i’m on a first name basis with lupita n’yongo
  • yes more lupita speaking korean
  • erik killmonger is kinda just a bemused hotep if you boil down all of his traits
  • is killmonger the child of the uncle?
  • this is a lot of social commentary. i bet 60% of the audience didn’t get it.
  • they have horses
  • every scene shuri’s in is golden
  • i hope chadwick and lupita kiss
  • this movies long, huh
  • i love dismissive laughter
  • yessss another waterfall fight
  • imagine being an extra in black panther and having that on your resume for the rest of your life
  • i-RAQ
  • wasn’t michael b jordan the human torch in fantastic 4?
  • lupitas about to snap some necks
  • purple skies again. still amazing.
  • wow killmonger sucks
  • he really choked an old lady
  • hmmmaybe being extremely violent won’t give people the best impression but i guess if you’re killing everyone that doesn’t matter
  • wow look at all these giant dudes
  • mbaku’s back to make me internally scream again
  • i love a vegetarian king
  • angela bassett’s range is unmatched.
  • HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!
  • look at all these OUTFITS
  • tchallas like violet from the incredibles
  • fucking rhinos!?!!!!!!
  • oh i will witness the might of the jabari. don’t you worry
  • these rhinos are the best sfx in the whole movie
  • this death scene is very anxiety inducing
  • is he not gonna die?
  • oop slavery reference
  • update: he died
  • everybody in this movie has perfect skin what the hell
  • “coachella or disneyland” why is shuri the funniest character ever?
  • is this sza in the ending credits?
  • i recently listened to ctrl for the first time and sza is a vocalist.
  • every once in a while the ending credits from this movie circulate on tumblr and i watch it all the way through each time and right now is no exception

short review of black panther:

10/10 so good

i love seemingly lighthearted media with social commentary interwoven in. i also love lupita nyongo and winston duke.



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