untitled post 2

so i may make this untitled post thing a series because i have these urges to write something but i don’t have a topic or anything so you may be seeing a lot of these untitled posts.

so first order of business: my weekly bullet journal spread.

here it is


i used crayola supertips for the large boxes and pilot juice pens (.38mm) for the lettering. my tape is from a set of 48 washi tapes i bought on amazon.

next on the agenda: i have a new podcast i really like. it’s called coffee break chinese and i listen to one episode on each of my morning walks and i’ve learned a ton of new words (like how to say diarrhea) and it’s helped with my speech because i repeat the example sentences like a crazy person as i pace across my neighborhood.

i’m in the middle of making my study tips post and i’m gonna make an accompanying youtube video so you don’t have to read what i expect to be a long, photo heavy post (also because i think it would reach more people on youtube).

i’ve been doing my makeup just to sit around recently because i’m trying to get better at makeup. i’ve been doing my eyeliner really large and further dragged out from my actual eye lately because it makes my eyes seem bigger in photos. i used to do my eyeliner very horizontal when i was like a sophomore in high school and i still kinda like the look of a pound of thick black eyeliner so i’m doing very thick eyeliner but less parallel to the floor.

wanna see some old photos of me?

look at the progression of eyeliner
i really thought i was being artsy in the courtyard of my school 
LOOK AT MY EYELINER. it’s kinda cute…
i wore those glasses for too long
me when i was 13. clumpy lashes and everything

so you can hopefully understand me when i discuss thick eyeliner because it’s kinda my livelihood since i was like 12 and i bought my first liquid liner.

this post is cluttered. i like it.


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