celebrity babies

since i love revealing everything about myself to the internet i wanna tell y’all about an interest of mine.

the children of celebrities.


i think this may be because when i was growing up there were two things in the tabloids: suri cruise and angelina jolie’s adoptions.

i was very clearly influenced because i’m currently counting down until cardi b has her baby. i think cardi b’s daughter will be a new top celebrity child for me (nobody will ever dethrone blue ivy though) because i think she’ll be dressed the hell up from the second she’s out of the womb if cardi’s fashion is any indication.

i also can’t wait until meghan markle has a kid though i won’t be disappointed if she doesn’t so don’t take that as pressure, although i’m sure she doesn’t care what the common folk think about her womb.

yeah… another dumb post! super exciting.


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