first purchase with my debit card!

i made my first purchase with my card today!

i’ve been debating what to use it for and i finally settled on a decision this morning.


i bought my first japanese branded dress!

it’s an axes femme dress and i’m super excited because it was in my opinion a really decent price and i’ve wanted a similar dress for a while.

why are all of the floral patterns available in the US so weird?

i don’t know how to explain it they’re just… garish.

they’re always too bright and large and the pattern doesn’t match up well on the form.

whatever i can’t be bitter because i’m so excited about my dress!!!

p.s i made my first paycheck from monetizing my blog today! 6 whole cents woohoo!

p.p.s if you really like my blog and want me to make a few more cents please recommend my blog to your friends. ♡♡♡♡

p.p.p.s i’m still working on my language tips post and video and they should both be up on friday ♡


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