liveblogging black panther

i still have’nt seen black panther yet so i’ve decided i should liveblog my comments as i finally watch it. i love talking during movies so imagine i’m leaning over at you in the movie theatre making these comments.

  • this intro is super cool in animation even if it starts with the princess bride style narrative
  • is that an armalite rifle?
  • oop we love a shaved head on a woman
  • ugh i love wax print fabric
  • that marvel intro with the comic book pages flipping is still corny they really need to change it
  • good god chadwick boseman is cute
  • danai gurira too
  • imagine if in the black panther helmet there was just another head
  • aah lupita! she surprised me there
  • oop t’challas gonna kill everyone
  • WALLAHI (i love hearing one of my favorite words)
  •  ok scenery, go off
  • you ever think about how in real life africa there are a lot of technological advancements being made but nobody ever gives any african person credit?
    ooh critical social commentary in a marvel movie
  • YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is a whole ass conspiracy
  • i got goose bumps (waterfall scene)
  • the strength of the black panther. stripped. Away.
  • shuri is a relatable girl
  • oh my god
  • oh my god
  • mbaku doesn’t have to do this to me
  • you know winston duke apparently went to high school with jenna marbles?
  • holy colors
  • i love saturated colors but i also love desaturated colors so it’s hard to pick a favorite.
  • no it’s not i prefer desaturated colors
  • here’s a hot take: african and african inspired architecture is far nicer than any brutalist or minimalist architecture will ever be
  • is that the dude from get out?
  • i still haven’t seen get out i’m worried it’ll scare me
  • god i love elderly people
  • chadwick boseman must hate doing the wakandan salute more than i hate being in the same room as turkey meat
  • i love how shuri pronounces korea
  • i hope i hear lupita say something in korean
  • was that a “what are those”?
  • oooo boy that outfit’s fresh
  • c’mon wig
  • lupita saying 고마워 is gonna be my new ringtone
  • is that the dude from sherlock? i hated that show. except for the first episode
  • a soundcloud joke?
  • COME. ON. WIG.
  • wow, this dude’s got shooters
  • there’s kendrick
  • shuri is like the funniest character ever in a superhero movie
  • “guns. so primative” true.
  • i love to see lupita look like she’s having fun
  • i should stop acting like i’m on a first name basis with lupita n’yongo
  • yes more lupita speaking korean
  • erik killmonger is kinda just a bemused hotep if you boil down all of his traits
  • is killmonger the child of the uncle?
  • this is a lot of social commentary. i bet 60% of the audience didn’t get it.
  • they have horses
  • every scene shuri’s in is golden
  • i hope chadwick and lupita kiss
  • this movies long, huh
  • i love dismissive laughter
  • yessss another waterfall fight
  • imagine being an extra in black panther and having that on your resume for the rest of your life
  • i-RAQ
  • wasn’t michael b jordan the human torch in fantastic 4?
  • lupitas about to snap some necks
  • purple skies again. still amazing.
  • wow killmonger sucks
  • he really choked an old lady
  • hmmmaybe being extremely violent won’t give people the best impression but i guess if you’re killing everyone that doesn’t matter
  • wow look at all these giant dudes
  • mbaku’s back to make me internally scream again
  • i love a vegetarian king
  • angela bassett’s range is unmatched.
  • HE LIVES!!!!!!!!!
  • look at all these OUTFITS
  • tchallas like violet from the incredibles
  • fucking rhinos!?!!!!!!
  • oh i will witness the might of the jabari. don’t you worry
  • these rhinos are the best sfx in the whole movie
  • this death scene is very anxiety inducing
  • is he not gonna die?
  • oop slavery reference
  • update: he died
  • everybody in this movie has perfect skin what the hell
  • “coachella or disneyland” why is shuri the funniest character ever?
  • is this sza in the ending credits?
  • i recently listened to ctrl for the first time and sza is a vocalist.
  • every once in a while the ending credits from this movie circulate on tumblr and i watch it all the way through each time and right now is no exception

short review of black panther:

10/10 so good

i love seemingly lighthearted media with social commentary interwoven in. i also love lupita nyongo and winston duke.



my first youtube video!

my last post about language learning got so many views very fast, so i thought “there must be a lot of people who wanna know about the study habits of a polyglot.” i also have a lot of interest in study with me videos so i thought to combine both of these and make my own study with me video!

it took me a lot of effort and about 5 hours to record and edit this video so if you could watch it or send it to someone or just think for a second “hmm mikah put in a lot of effort to make a video today” that would be super appreciated.


my video!


if you don’t wanna watch the video here’s the thumbnail for it to maybe entice you


if this video receives a positive response (i.e no death threats) i’ll be sure to make more of them because i actually enjoyed the process.

ED recovery update #9

i really wanna relapse.

it’s so hard to feel good about yourself when you feel like you have no self control.i’m very aware of the fact that me eating at all is control oriented because if i really had no control i would starve.

i have one really good motivator for not relapsing though…

i don’t wanna lose my hair again.

fun fact about me: i have a few bald spots because my hair would fall out in clumps at the height of my ED.

right now i’m just focusing on eating anything 3 times a day. i think if i can get through this moment where my urges are strong i’ll be able to revert to my positive eating habits, so i’m kinda just waiting this out.

ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ


i’m working on a language learning tips post right now but it requires a lot of photos and thus a lot of photo editing.

language learning with mikah part 1

so i think i’m gonna change my major in college to linguistics because of my language learning skills (and i don’t believe i’m talented enough to be successful in music). i think i could maybe enjoy being a translator.

i’ve mentioned before that this summer i really wanna focus on my acquisition of languages and thus i think i should make a series on my blog about my study habits to keep myself accountable.

here’s my study log for the past week.

sunday, june 17th

i did a little practice for chinese stroke order for 20 minutes. didn’t do much else 😦

monday, june 18th

i took notes in korean for 30 minutes and reviewed japanese for 25 minutes.

tuesday, june 19th

i reviewed korean for an hour and then read through all of my russian notes.

wednesday, june 20th

i studied russian for 45 minutes and reviewed korean for 15 minutes.

thursday, june 21st

i reviewed swahili for an hour and a half and translated some korean tweets for about 35 minutes.

friday, june 22nd

i took korean notes for an hour and a half and practiced japanese spelling for about 30 minutes.

saturday, june 23rd

i practiced writing chinese for 30 minutes, reviewed japanese for 25 minutes, and studied korean for about 40 minutes.


if you’re interested in my language stuff, i’d be happy to write about my language study secrets if you request.


i’m sorry, but i don’t get harry potter

i think for my whole life i’ve underestimated how much impact the harry potter books and movies have had on the world.

i was listening to a podcast i really like that’s about walt disney world this morning and they were discussing how adding the wizarding world of harry potter to universal studios caused universals market share in the theme park industry to skyrocket and all i thought was “why?”

i guess it’s because i haven’t read the books (i tried, don’t have that much attention span) or seen the movies (i also tried, too scary for me), but i really don’t understand how much people love harry potter. i always thought harry potter was like mean girls where everybody knows it and everyone references it but nobody would schedule a 1000 dollar vacation for it. i guess i’m wrong.

i’ve actually been to the harry potter section of universal studios in orlando and it honestly made me anxious because the walkways are super narrow, other than that the rides (especially duelling dragons) are cool, at least it wasn’t absolutely terrifying like the jurassic park area *shivers*.

i think this realization should’ve dawned on me earlier because people get harry potter tattoos and have harry potter themed houses, but i thought it was just a niche weirdo thing like how i have a bedroom that’s dripping in stuffed animals.

took a pottermore quiz with my friends like a year ago and apparently i’m a gryffindor?

i don’t know what that entails.

all i know is that it has the ugliest colors (red and gold = vomit blood) and hufflepuff has the cutest colors (to me). god i’m vapid.

also, did you know people go on like week long trips to universal? i can understand maximum 2 days. again this is probably a me problem but i went for one day once and we did almost everything in the park and the girls i was stuck with insisted we rest for like 2 hours and i lost my ticket which caused a 1 hour delay so like if that hadn’t happened i think we could’ve done everything. maybe if your’e like a huge harry potter fan and you wanna go through each store and stuff i can get spending more time i guess…

maybe i’m like an oblivious idiot and i need to just suck it up and watch harry potter so i can get it. i probably still wouldn’t get it though because the section of the movie i watched scared me half to death.

100th post

this is my 100th post on my blog!

i think since this is a milestone i should discuss important topics.

topic 1:

there are “tent cities” or as i like to call them “internment camps” across the southern U.S full of separated parents and children who had the audacity to cross the border *sarcasm*

this morning i cried because of this.

for almost my whole life i’ve felt supreme discomfort about u.s immigration policy. it is important in discussions about immigration policy that we don’t specifically villianize republican politicians while not criticizing democrats. i believe we should villianize everyone who hasn’t expressed any sort of radical praxis on the topic, but maybe that’s just me. please remember that obama didn’t do all too much to make it easier to immigrate and clinton spearheaded an act that allowed people to be deported for misdemeanors rather than the former policy of deportation for felonies with a >5 year sentence.

this is kind of all over the place because honestly this is a very emotional topic for me and it’s a big motivating factor for why i don’t plan on living in the U.S for my whole life and why i am proud to have quite a few “radical leftist” beliefs.

topic 2:

on a lighter note, on sunday i saw the incredibles 2 and it was amazing.

fun fact about me: the first movie i ever remember watching was the incredibles.

i was surprised by how few children there where in the theatre but i guess i get it because so many people (like myself) waited 13 years for it.

i don’t wanna review the movie but i do wanna say a few things so i’ll put my thoughts in a bulleted list.

  • elastigirl is so hot oh my god
  • i had to pee during the movie so i missed some of the jack jack and raccoon scene 😦
  • i tried mustard for the first time during this movie because my movie theatre offers soft pretzels and i felt spontaneous. mustard’s ok.
  • the short before, Bao, was so adorable and it’s gonna be the topic of the next few bullet points
  • i cried like an idiot for the whole short
  • i enjoyed getting to practice with some chinese characters when looking at the produce boxes
  • it’s probably one of my favorite pixar shorts (after piper and lava)
  • i hope disney releases bao tsum tsums like they did for 4 of the other shorts at d23 last year because you know i would be first in line to buy those


topic 3:

if you know me you know i have to reference beyonce and jay z’s new album

i just need to say that i love beyonce so much and meeting her is on my bucket list

that’s all

topic 4:

let’s get introspective

thank you all for reading my blog it’s really been helpful  for me to feel like i’m speaking truthfully to others because honestly i don’t tend to talk to others about my thoughts much because i hate being confrontational and generally people seem to be hostile toward my opinions *cough cough*.

i just… really wish i felt comfortable to talk about the thing that’s been weighing on my mind the most: college. but to be truthful i don’t think many people in my life are willing to listen to me. that’s that on that and i won’t discuss it further.


so now that i’ve been acceptably angsty i’ll just say thanks for reading.

talk to you later

here’s a picture of me for the road

yes i wear sweaters in the summer

untitled post 1

i didn’t wanna title this post because it’s kind of meaningless.

i’m just gonna ramble for a while and i hope you enjoy reading it.


today i ordered a white photography backdrop on amazon. i wanna start getting into self photography like Alissa Ashley. she takes wonderful self portraits and i wanna do it too so i’m starting my journey with a plain backdrop. i considered getting a pink backdrop but i thought that may get to be a little tacky if it’s my only backdrop.

i also ordered another chinese character practice book because the one i’m using now is almost full.

*i used a gift card i got for graduation from some family friends (thanks Julia & Brian) to order stuff so don’t think i have money cause i don’t.

i’m thinking about becoming more of a photographer because i really like taking (and editing) pictures and honestly i need a new hobby.


here’s a terrible picture of my bullet journal setup for this week that i meant to post on saturday but didn’t.


i used my stabilo point 88 pens in my bullet journal for the first time for the letters in this week.

maybe i’ll start posting my bullet journal weekly spread each week. would that be cool?

zit update: the pimple under my nostril exploded while i was washing my face last night and now i have a giant scab in its place. i’m a little upset because now i’m definitely gonna get a scar but i’m still in pain.  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


i’ve been loving kaomoji recently. that’s the little faces made of characters that i sometimes have in my posts by the way. i wish other people in the u.s used them because they’re so much cuter than emojis. emojis (specifically the yellow face ones) are god awful ugly. i’m ok with the flowers and animals and my personal favorite: the hole emoji, but people really overuse the yellow faces and they aren’t cute.

what a vapid thing to worry about. there are people dying.

let’s talk about something more serious. did you know that the AIDS rate among heterosexuals is rapidly increasing? that’s terrifying. nowadays it feels like HIV and AIDS are dying out in the US but it’s totally not. that’s just another reason for me to be celibate at this point. have y’all noticed how many straight people treat getting tested for stds as an admission of having one? that’s wild and it’s probably why std rates are going up.

it sucks that people treat AIDS like it’s something only gay people and people in third world countries get because that’s totally inaccurate. honestly it feels like a lot of the rhetoric surrounding AIDS is motivated by homophobia. that’s probably not a very fresh take but it’s probably true.

umm… happy pride!

i really like the pride flag with the brown and black stripes added, i think it’s cuter.