not much to say

it feels like i don’t have anything to write about right now.

my blog is so jumbled and about everything yet i still have nothing to write about that i feel belongs on here.

i guess i’ll make a bulleted list because those always help me write something

  • i’ve been enjoying my walks a lot but i think there’s something wrong with my gait because my left shin always hurts half way through the walk
  • my middle splits have gotten deeper. i think it’s because i warm up better before stretching
  • i changed the way i do my eyeliner on my lower lashline. i leave a little space in the outer corner between my waterline and my eyeliner
  • the mint in our front yard is getting giant
  • i have an ameba account now if that matters to you (mikahvictoria)
  • i played the disney tsum tsum app for the first time in a few months this morning and i love it just as much as i always did (i got a moana tsum today!)
  • my mom and i are going on a trip to virginia to see her friend in less than a week
  • i’ve been craving falafel for like 3 weeks. it’s nice to get cravings. i kinda never did for a few years when my ed was worse
  • i think i’ve lost weight because i tried on my jeans a few days ago and they’re looser
  • marshallow got a new bowl that’s bigger and he seems happy to eat more
  • i accidentally ordered 10 bars of mango ice cream scented soap ( i thought it was 4 bars) but i’m happ because that just means it’s less money per bar
  • i have a new cursor on my blog. do you like it?
  • i really like the new habits i’ve added to my habit tracker. it makes filling in the squares less mundane.
  • my japanese skills have improved exponentially in just the past week since i’ve put more focus into the language
  • duolingo changed the way the spanish tree works so if i want to maintain my finished status i have to do like 15 lessons again
  • i have just a few more lessons until i’ve finished the korean, japanese, and swahili trees on duolingo
  • i changed my instagram bio (@dearmikah)
  • i’ve been getting more blog views from ukraine. hi ukraine!
  • i’ve been really insecure about my jaw line recently. i feel like it’s gotten a lot bigger over the years.
  • i’ve been understanding articles on naver better recently so i guess my reading comprehension in korean is improving
  • my dress should arrive between today and the 23rd. that’s a wide margin but it doesn’t matter because i’m so excited



is that good content?

i think that’s a good amount of stuff to write for a day.

here’s a picture of poptart sleeping

stickers added in line camera (he’s shy he doesn’t want you to see his ween)

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