my frustrating headaches

i’ve always gotten the occasional god-awful headache so my issue isn’t new but i’ve been especially frustrated by my headaches lately.

i’m trying to minimize the amount that i look at bright screens and i’ve been taking pain meds and enclosing myself in dark rooms yet my headaches never improve until they eventually go away on their own.

the weird thing about my headaches is that they resonate through my whole head. i get a sore jaw and my eyelids hurt and even my throat gets tight.

i’m compelled to talk about this because as of 13:00 july 9th i’ve been dealing with a headache for 26 hours. at this point i’m just cohabiting with it.

i’ve done all the things google tells me to do and nothing helps. the only thing that makes me feel better is looking down. raising my eyes is pure torture so my current prerogative is staring at the ground.

let’s lighten up this post.

you’ve never met my moms dogs.

their names are Posh and Samoa. they’re french bulldogs

here they are:


posh fell asleep in my lap today and you should see it


makes the headache less awful.

p.s i watermark my photos now, i saw a nature picture i took on somebody elses tumblr without credit so i feel a need to keep my photos to myself 😦 don’t steal, kids


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