French Fry Tour: Ocean City, Maryland

before i review french fries i wanna make a disclaimer and explain this post. A) i like stupid stuff like this so if you don’t this post isn’t for you B) no, i don’t eat french fries every day in my daily life so don’t say anything pointless about how i should eat healthier, don’t be self righteous C) i wanna make french fry tours everywhere i go because to be honest as a vegan at most restaurants french fries are all i got (because next to nobody cares to be inclusive but that’s another topic) would you like more fry tours? i’m gonna make them anyways but i like approval.


french fry specimen 1: frog bar

i didn’t get a picture of these but imagine super brown fries with pepper.

these were above average fries.

i’m personally a soggy fry person and these were crunchy fries. i still liked them though because they went with ketchup well and i consider fries a delivery device for ketchup.



french fry specimen 2: thrashers

next to my purse for size comparison (they were split among three, again, don’t call me gluttonous) 

these fries are not supposed to be eaten with ketchup for tradition reasons so i did it right and had them with just malt vinegar. fun fact about me: i love vinegar. salt and vinegar chips are my favorite and when i make guacamole i add vinegar instead of lime juice. in other words i appreciated the vinegar.

these were crunchy fries again and they were quite potatoey.

i liked them though.

would’ve been even better with ketchup.



french fry specimen 3: de Lazy Lizard



these were so good.

they were a little potatoey and had skin which i like.

they were allowed to be eaten with ketchup and i loved them.

super soft and nice.




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