a fake out by death

i had an experience that made me cry for about an hour after.

i thought i was watching my cat die last night.

my cat, maddie, is a very light sleeper and so whenever i pet her while she’s sleeping she will 9 times out of 10 wake up and yell at me (meow). as i pet her last night however, she didn’t wake up.

this caused concern for me because not only is that abnormal for her, she is also an elderly cat.

so i went to pick up her head and her neck was limp.

i dropped her head and screamed.

in my terror i shook her and she finally woke up.

i texted my mom that i thought she was dying and while waiting for a response i tried to get her to move more.

when i put her on her legs it was as though she had no bones in her legs because she just fell onto the bed.

maddie didn’t get up or move her legs for about 5 minutes after and every minute felt like an hour for me.

luckily she did get up and walked over to the water bowl at the end of my bed and took a drink.

i guess the moral of the story here is to be really nice to your pets because they’re pretty much sure to die in your lifetime.

that’s super morbid but it’s true.

now i’m gonna hang out with maddie because i’m terrified she’ll die. 😦


4 thoughts on “a fake out by death

  1. That actually happened to my dog once, I thought it was funny at first but then when I repeatedly moved him and he didn’t respond I started to FREAK OUT. Eventually he woke up and I calmed down. I think sometimes they just sleep very heavily. That only happened once in his lifetime, so it may be rare and probably means they feel very safe around us!

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