it’s so hard to find a good personal blog

when i started my relationship with the internet, it was so easy to find people blogging about their day to day life, opinions, and interests.

nowadays it feels like every blog is carefully crafted to offer articles on a specific topic with well manicured graphics and list formatted tips.

this is not what i love about blogs.

i like to be a fly on the wall and feel like i’m making a connection with the person whose blog i’m reading (that’s why i like foxxy fay’s blog so much). it was as though every interesting person was making content online pertaining to their interestingness.

it’s the same with youtube, now almost everyone makes videos that are high definition with nice backgrounds and no missteps in speech.

now, i’m not usually one to spout “get back to the good old days” rhetoric but there is a very vocal part of me that wants to get back to the good old days of blogging when everything felt more personal.

so i guess i’ll end this post with a call to action:

if you’re a blogger maybe make a personal post and send me a link to it or if you don’t do personal blog posts whatsoever and you know a good personal blog send me a link to that.

you don’t even have to send me a link if you don’t want to but i do want to encourage others to make more personal blog posts because i swear there are people out there who want to get to know you.


27 thoughts on “it’s so hard to find a good personal blog

  1. Omg thank you so much for the mention! 💖💖 That’s also why I like your blog so much! That’s what blogs used to be back then. Nowadays it’s all about making it profitable 😔 please do let me know if you find any other personal blogs! 💖

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  2. I recently started a blog myself, just to have some type of platform for release, talking about normal day stuff which bothers me, making it feel like i’m getting stuff of my chest, and I have been looking for more personal blogs to read, because honestly I do not want to read 20 reviews over the same movie, book or recipe…
    Here’s my blogs link if you ever want to pop in

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    • HI! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, your comment ended up in my spam box. I looked at your blog and I really like the subject matter and my big tip would be to try to use a different more intuitive template. It’s a bit tough to navigate your blog. Thank you for commenting! I’ll be sure to read more of your posts in the future!


  3. Hahaha yeah! I feel the same! I like to read about people’s life. My blog is quiete personal not niche at all, although I talk a lot about anxiety and online dating so far, it’s pretty personal. You can go check that out! You’ll be more than welcome!

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  4. Late to the posting party, but I literally just made a post about this, and set off to find personal blogs. I grew up in the heyday of LiveJournal, and had one that saw me through my first y ear of college all the way to the birth of my son, and I miss how freeing it was to just talk about whatever without having to worry about “branding,” which seems to be all the rage with modern blogging. I’m actually currently trying to unlearn a lot of stuff about how I supposedly “ought” to blog and refind/reclaim a more authentic voice. I’m just really glad to see that I’m not alone in this!

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  5. Well-written 🙂 I think there is too many shallow blog posts and the reason is that nowadays everyone can contribute to media content. However, you have to be critical and media literate to actually find some good material to read and to connect with the people, who share the same thinking as you do.

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    • Hi! I only just now got to looking at your blog, but I really like the content I’ve read. I think it may be a good idea to edit your layout so your text is a bit larger because I (& some others) have a tough time reading small white text on black backgrounds. I would love to see more posts about your family! But of course don’t change anything if you don’t wanna.

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  6. Youve made me feel better about starting my blog, I woke up at 1am thinking I was crazy for putting such personal stuff online but having read a few I feel better and think I want to going, Id love some feed back if you want to check out my first post. Xx

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  7. Then… I am not alone on this Mikah! The only thing I make sure is that my writing comes from my heart, I write what I like to read, and it´s a therapy for me… I´ve started in facebook with blog, but people started telling me that it´s ´deep stuff´, well that´s me! I don´t have many followers in there at all, as you can imagine, which is fine, I know it´s not everyone cup of tea! I´m close to giving up on that one, to be honest! Last week I initiated ´postcardfromlifelately´, in wordpress mainly because I want to be able to write about what is close to me and my heart… xx

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  8. I completely agree with you. I started blogging this year and didn’t want to limit my blog to a niche. I just wanted to write. I went in search of personal blogs out there which I could use for inspiration but every blog out there is so well crafter, usually about one topic, which kind of discouraged me. But I have come to realize that it’s ok for me to just write about whatever I want. My goal is to find my voice through my writings. Thanks for the great post! ^^ Makes me feel like I am not alone!


  9. Hi, Mikah! So nice to find this post! I’m starting my blog just a few months ago and really want to throw everything that I do and feels in it. I really like a personal blog and after saw your blog, I just love it and inspired to make such blog that share your interest and else.

    I would be happy if you want to visit mine, mostly I used my native language in it, but I hope you could still enjoy it!

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  10. Wow, I totally agree! I only joined today, and that was after a long time searching for the type of blogging app that suited me. I really like this one so far, and I’ve started my own personal blog which I’m super excited about. But when I got to looking at others blogs, it was all tutorial and profit based or whatever else. I had to search specifically for personal blogs, so I’m totally with you. I just want to connect! Not read some article; I can do that elsewhere. If you’d like to check out my blog (which you don’t have to, and it might not be great cause this is my first time doing anything like this), here’s the link:

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  11. I totally agree with this. I started my blog recently in hopes for readers to relate and connect to my experiences on a personal level. My site is not just going to be personal blogs, but when I do write them, which is everyday at the , moment, it is about things that are super important to me and that have affected me in some way. I would love for you to check it out x:)

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