i was right! again!

if you’re acquainted with hippy twitter or social justice twitter you may have had the displeasure of encountering @*y*n*theor*cle (asterisks added to be nice).

well the other day she made a really top notch tweet and i feel a need to dissect what i believe is the logic behind it.

so what is this tweet i speak of?

names and faces blocked because i’m so nice


so you may wonder why i titled this post the way i did. well i have been mortified every time i see one of her tweets on my timeline for over 4 months. this woman just doesn’t seem like a good person if you go through her twitter and i’ve felt that way for a while and she just so happened to have confirmed my suspicions.

so hahaha i’m right

these spiritual people probably make me more wary than athiest and religious communities ever will because they say absolutely horrible stuff and excuse it under the guise of karmic energy, astrology, and vibes. (for those of you who don’t know, vibes is my least favorite word in the english language)

now, it’s time to unpack the mental gymnastics it takes to actually think of, type out, and post this tweet.

first lets dissect the tweet itself and discuss the elements that make up the concepts discussed.

  • poor people have privilege over people with more money
  • karma is real (i won’t be touching on this one in this post because i don’t want death threats from spiritual people)
  • shoplifting is wrong no matter what
  • people who steal lack consciousness (whatever that means)


this tweet obviously is a show of how out of touch this woman is and before i even start to write about this chao chee bye woman just know this isn’t how a usually am, i just really can’t stand her and don’t get how one can support her.

i’ll be elaborating on 2 of my previously mentioned elements: poor people have privilege and shoplifting is always wrong.


shoplifting is always wrong

this doesn’t need a ton of elaboration because i am guessing that my audience agrees with me than shoplifting can at times be a neutral action so i’ll just give examples of times when i don’t believe shoplifting is wrong in case the author of the tweet is reading this.

  • a poor woman shoplifting baby formula
  • “looting” necessary supplies during a natural disaster
  • shoplifting medicine
  • stealing mill-bred animals from pet shops in activist demonstrations
  • a malnourished person stealing enough food to allow them to survive
  • stealing animals from factory farms so as to prevent them from living awful lives and being brutally slaughtered

it is important before ending this section of my post that i make sure it’s clear that i did in fact read the tweets and i know that she originally was discussing stealing from self checkout. however she doubled down and said she “pays for her items” implying that she doesn’t only mean stealing in this one circumstance, she means all stealing.

poor people have privilege

this is one of the least thought out statements i’ve ever heard. shocking because i live in america, the place that perfected not thinking.

i’m going to try to look at this from a place of nuance (despite the total lack of nuance in the statement) and assume she means privilege in the common left leaning way that basically means if you have privilege you can still have problems but those problems aren’t because of your privilege. i italicized that because it will be integral in understanding my point of view.

so let’s all imagine the poor have some privilege that we just don’t talk about.

this would mean:

  • starvation and malnourishment are caused by something other than lack of access to food
  • food desserts shouldn’t exist because if the poor have privilege they should be able to get out, right?
  • the poor have greater opportunities than the rich
  • poor people in the “global south” aren’t being actively hurt by side effects of capitalism
  • schools with lower funding offer a benefit to students that higher funding schools don’t have the ability to give
  • etc etc

we all know this is all 胡说 (nonsense/bullsh*t) so how did she think saying this made any sense?

her judgement is clouded because she’s been socially conditioned, of course.

in uber capitalist societies like the US (where i think she’s from) we are taught from a young age that our future is 100% in our hands and if we want to get more money we should just work harder.

this philosophy completely ignores the implicit biases that employers have and the opportunities that lower income children are denied from birth. yet because we live in a society that hinges on people working their fingers to the bone for the lowest price according to cost benefit analysis, people are spoonfed this from the moment they leave the womb. very few people grasp that this “working as hard as you can is the way to succeed” mantra is 胡说! you know why nobody gets it?

social conditioning

so because this mindset is what i believe to be the result of social conditioning i’m gonna stop being so mean and end the post here.

thank you so much for reading this terrible post.

please follow my blog for more (less mean) content!♡♡♡


2 thoughts on “i was right! again!

  1. “I don’t have the privilege to be poor” ids probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. LOL! Can you imagine having to steal because you’re so hungry and you have to money to buy food is a privilege?? Wow.

    Liked by 1 person

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