sad for no reason

i’m an emotional wreck right now.

i just feel so sad and i feel that pain you get when you regret something but i don’t regret anything that i know of.

maybe i’ll brainstorm and try to find a reason i’m so sad.

  • my pets are getting old
  • i think about death too much
  • i feel like i’m relapsing a little
  • i don’t feel accomplished enough for an 18 year old (4 days left of being 17)
  • there are so many things i want but i don’t know how to get them
  • i’m on my p*riod
  • i made the mistake of not closing my dms on tumblr and now i get a bunch of creepy messages (i closed them now so don’t try to message me)
  • i feel like i’ve literally done nothing today
  • i haven’t meditated in about 5 days

yeah… maybe it’s one of, some of, or all of those reasons.


3 thoughts on “sad for no reason

  1. “Everybody feels this way and that okay” – words of the wise Avril Lavigne 😉💜 I have days like that too, it’s normal to feel like we’re not accomplishing much, most of the time we overlook what the have accomplished! Try making a list of things you’ve done and see how that makes you feel.
    From the little I know:
    You survived your ed and have been actively working to improve
    You speak/are learning multiple languages
    You’ve traveled with your family
    You’re been rediscovering foods you like
    You started a YouTube channel
    You got 500 followers on WordPress
    You post every day
    You have a planner to help you keep up with your studies (you’d be surprised by how hard it is to be this organized!)

    And I’m sure you can make this list even longer! Being in our period may make us a bit more melancholic and we tend to get our thoughts stuck onto negative feelings, so I’m hoping this little exercise will help you shift to a more positive outlook 😊 you have a lot to feel proud of!

    Xoxo 💋

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