please be nicer to Kalel!

listen, i’m one of the preachiest vegans you’ll ever meet but honestly the way the vegan twitter community has been yelling at Kalel for eating a few non vegan candy bars is just insufferable!

i think that the term vegan allows for space to make mistakes and space to interpret as needed. for example: i believe that sunscreen is topical medicine so if a vegan has no available cruelty free sunscreen in their area, it doesn’t make them not vegan to use animal tested sunscreen so as to prevent them from getting cancer.

i think this makes us look extremely dogmatic and unapproachable when we scold people for making mistakes. yes, technically Kalel isn’t vegan if she has a damn kitkat but does that invalidate the good she has done for animals by promoting and normalizing plant based diets?


I’m not going to lie and say i never slip up but does that undo the fact that in my lifetime i’ve inspired multiple friends to go vegetarian/vegan/reduce meat consumption/try tofu and lessen the amount of animal suffering there is on earth?


and does that mean freegan people don’t make a tangible difference in how peple view food waste if they happen to eat cheese out of the garbage?


i don’t think any of you should change your opinions, in fact i likely agree with you, but please don’t be so outwardly vitriolic.

thank you,


please follow my blog! 사랑해! ♡☆


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