a post

i’m just gonna ramble for a while and hopefully it’ll be interesting.

right now samoa and posh are fighting in the middle of the living room and about every 5 minutes i have to get up to get him to stop humping her. can’t wait to get him fixed.

marshmallow has really calmed down since getting fixed and hasn’t humped the cat even once since his procedure. he’s such a good dude. you wanna see a picture of me and marshmallow? here’s one:

i don’t know why i flared my nostrils in this picture

i just love all of my pets so much!!!!!

i wish everyone had the luxury of loving other beings the way i love my pets. it’s really special and it’s not a feeling i get from anyone else.

you know what’s a weird trend? adding the suffix -core to everything. i love angelcore aesthetics but i think we’re going too far with the core thing. there’s honeycore, lovecore, gardencore, cottagecore, etc etc. it’s really a big thing on tumblr (btw follow my tumblr).

i guess there’s a lot o weird trends though. i particularly dislike the in my feelings challenge just because it’s really an oversaturated market at this point and i think people are trying to keep it a thing even though it should be fading. all though that’s kinda what i’m doing right now by talking about it.

samoa and posh walk like humans on all fours and it’s sometimes a little unsettling. sorry just had to interject that in.

oh god, my birthday’s in 2 days!

that’s terrifying!

you guys won’t leave me as i age right?

yeah, you won’t.

hmm, what else to say…

i got a new wallpaper on my phone today! it’s my melody! she’s my favorite sanrio character.

sometimes i just wish i could buy the whole stationary section on the sanrio website.

today i didn’t eat a “real lunch” i just ate a bunch of hummus with pretzels but it’s ok i plan on eating”real dinner” tonight.

the hummus memes twitter account is my favorite one.

it feels like i talk about twitter a lot on her doesn’t it?

it’s because a lot happens on there, ya know?

my favorite thing to do on twitter is look up people and then a random year and read their old tweets haha. they’re always so terrible!

so.. i don’t know how to end this post…

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  1. Foxxy Fay

    How many pets do you have?? How is it to have a bunny? I’ve always wanted to have one but I looked it up and it seems like it can be expensive because they need specialized vet care… A post about your pets would be cool if you haven’t made one yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikah victoria

      I have 6 pets (4 dogs, a cat, and a rabbit)! Marshmallow is a really wonderful pet and i don’t think he’s too expensive. His vet visits actually cost less than the vet visits for our dogs. He’s a really good pet for me because he’s a little standoffish so i don’t feel guilty if i’m not constantly petting him and he’s a breath of fresh air in comparison to the bulldogs and my cat who are really noisy since he doesn’t make any sound. I think a rabbit is a wonderful pet if you’re ok with a bit of a mess because hay and fur get everywhere and rabbit fur is a lot harder to get off of clothes than dog and cat hair (that’s why i don’t wear much black). if you ever get a rabbit i’d be super excited to give you tips on how to bond and how to not freak them out! i’ll try to make a pet post! thank you so much for your constant support!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Foxxy Fay

        That’s so adorable! I have a dog and idk if she’d be okay with a rabbit, she may try to hunt her!! But I may look into it in the future when Luna is more settled, I’ve seen so many adorable rabbits for adoption at the Toronto humane society 🐰 thanks for the info!! Can’t wait to see your pet post!

        Liked by 1 person

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