life update

I think I’m gonna start capitalizing letters in my posts.

Crazy right?
This is a big change.

I also think I’d like to start making posts similar to Bong QiuQiu’s old Qweekly posts so i can give synopses of my week. Would that be interesting? I’d like my blog to have a little bit more structure so i think this could be a good idea.

So today, this is my first

A Week as Me


On Monday, July 30th, I focused on studying and I had my first study session of Intermediate Swahili. I uploaded a video of this study session to youtube as well. I also realized my 18th birthday was in less than a week, so I made my resolutions for my 18th year. See them in this post.


On Tuesday, July 31st, I made a post detailing my day that you can read here.


On Wednesday, August 1st, I felt awful and I kind of lazed around the whole day feeling sorry for myself. I also received a ton of messages on my tumblr and made the mistake of responding, spurring myself to disable messages.


On Thursday, August 2nd, I was having a bad joint day and it hurt terribly to move. I still went on a walk in the morning though. I cheered myself up via productivity and made a video of my Japanese study tips and studied for about an hour. I also changed my phone background for the first time in a year and a half.


On Friday, August 3rd, I felt really uninspired. I just didn’t feel a ton of motivation or interest in anything so i made a to do list that included arbitrary things like brushing my teeth so that I would be motivated by the checkboxes and would do something. This led me to have one of the best study sessions I’ve ever had.


On Saturday, August 4th, my mom and I went to the movies! We saw Christopher Robin and Hotel Transylvania 3. I wrote a post about the audience as well.


On Sunday, August 5th, it was my birthday! I know the birthday thing is overkill so I’ll stop writing about it for now.


Please comment and tel me if this is of any interest or how I can make it more interesting. I really care about your input.



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