You ever feel like life is looking up and then things come crashing back down?

I’ve had an eventful 2 days. I feel like a piece of garbage for not posting but there’s nothing I can do now, is there?

So yesterday, our air conditioner was acting up as usual so we did what we always do: turn off the cooling function and turn on the fans. After about 5 minutes of the fans being on, my mom smelled an electrical burning scent and next thing you know there were 4 firetrucks outside of our house.

Don’t worry (I know you wouldn’t worry anyway but bear with me), there wasn’t a real fire there just almost was one. The fan was burning out and luckily the a/c was turned off at the breaker before an actual fire could start.

So our air conditioner is absolutely ruined.

We waited for about 8 hours in the heat for the repair men to come and bring us some temporary window units, but they never came. My mom eventually got fed up and we ended up packing everyone up and transporting the animals and ourselves to a motel for the night. I slept for roughly 3 hours because the animals kept getting loud and scratching at their crates, keeping my mom and I up.

Now we’re back at home and my moms friends brought us some window a/c units. It’s still hot in the house but it’s getting better.

You ever notice how things like this never happen when you’re at an ok place in life? It’s always when everything you care about is down the drain.

ugh I wanna be angry and negative so bad but it seems like every time I express the full range of human emotion people get mad at me.

I really should’ve made this blog anonymous.




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  1. Foxxy Fay

    The heat doesn’t help my mood at all, I hate it so much! I’m sorry the ac broke down and caused such a headache 😞 I’m glad there was no fire! Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it very soon.

    Being angry is a natural and healthy feeling, specially with everything you’ve been experiencing lately!

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