1st Day of September

This month I hope to post every day.

And guess what?

I already don’t know what to write.

I’ll write a short morning page for today and hopefully it’ll be interesting.

I don’t feel great. I think my pneumonia is coming back (or never went away). Other than that, I’m not awful.

I’ve been making great use of my travelers notebook lately which makes me happy because I was concerned that I may not use it often enough. But luckily it’s been of use to me. I really like my daily sentence notebook, I’ve found it useful in remembering how to use words in context. I try to focus on using “rare” words in my sentences because I really believe in the power of using complicated words when learning foreign languages.


I really don’t know what to write about.

Great content right?

I’ll try to post later today if I get a better idea.



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