Secular Gospel

I love gospel music.

I don’t love the church.

I feel like this is a common situation for many people.

I try to find secular gospel music but I never can seem to find a good collection of secular gospel-style songs.

Would it be disrespectful to sing non-christian things in a gospel style?

Here’s a more wide reaching question: does cultural appropriation apply to dominant, colonizing cultural practices?

Recently I’ve seen some people criticizing Ariana Grande for singing natural woman at Aretha Franklin’s funeral (2nd time talking about ariana grande on my blog). I kinda understand the criticism because everyone else was singing gospel, but if I was in her situation I don’t know what I’d do either. I’d feel pretty uncomfortable singing about being saved by god or something, but I’d also feel bad if I disrespected anyone by not being christian enough, but I’d also feel honored to be put in a position where I can sing one of someones most popular songs at their funeral.

hmm… What else can I say about gospel?

Ooh. This doesn’t have anything to do with gospel, but today at the urgent care place, the lab tech found out I like to sing and asked me to sing for him? I have bronchitis? I did anyway and it wasn’t good but whatever.

I hope that lab tech is reading my blog right now (if you are, hi).

So yeah, I have acute bronchitis and I’m on new antibiotics now.

But, anyways.

I wish secular gospel was a common genre because I love gospel vocal and piano techniques.

Maybe that’ll be the thing I do with myself and then I’ll get dragged through the mud by christians for disrespecting their music. So maybe I won’t do that.



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  1. Foxxy Fay

    No, the concept of cultural appropriation doesn’t apply to the dominant culture because the culture was literally imposed on the people to be used as the “common” culture. The colonizers WANTED their culture to be used by the colonies.

    I think singing one of the most known songs of an artist at their funeral makes a lot of sense. People will find thinks to complain about wherever they can…

    I’m not religious but I enjoy singing some gospel songs because of the technique required if that makes sense. I also enjoy this band that sings rock gospel hahaha it’s a lot of fun (Fireflight).

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