Quarter Blog Crisis

I don’t know how long I plan to have this blog but I’m having a bit of a crisis as far as my blog goes. I’m gonna call it a quarter blog crisis even though I intend to keep up my blog for longer than 4x the time I’ve had it so far. does that make sense?

I used to make really great (to me) content but recently I haven’t felt like I’m producing my best.

I’m hoping that this will be a momentary lapse in my content and not a greater indication of me failing. I think posting daily in September will maybe lead me to a point where I’m writing posts as good as or better than my former content.

It’s odd that I’m feeling especially odd about my lack of inspiration because I’ve had similar feelings before and it lead to actually good posts but I don’t think my past few posts have been good at all. I think if I power through all the bad content in my head, I can eventually make some stuff I’m proud of again.

I may try to get experimental with my content so I’ll just use this to brainstorm possible future content and you guys could tell me if any of these things sound good or awful.

  • OOTD’s
  • more Day in the Life posts
  • photo posts
  • painfully detailed descriptions of my often excruciatingly average days
  • more social commentary
  • more posts about stuff that pisses me off on twitter
  • rants
  • tutorials on my study techniques
  • weekly planning posts
  • goal oriented posts
  • more acne scar updates (people seem to love those)
  • a detailed description of what I do to reach my goals
  • maybe I’ll try to plan interesting things in my life so I can write about them?
  • morning pages
  • more recipes

I’m out of ideas. Please tell me things you wanna see on my blog because I don’t know what I’m doing right now.



Add Yours
  1. Foxxy Fay

    I think those are great ideas! I feel like it’s common to tell the way you’re feeling at the moment. Specially after losing Mel and dealing with the bronchitis :/ You deciding to post daily is the best thing you could do! It’ll keep the juices flowing and eventually you’ll get back to producing content you’re proud of!

    I always enjoy your posts (:

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  2. Daniex with the fire

    Those are great stuff to blog about Mikah. I too am just recovering from a similar phase (I haven’t made a post in ages because of that). You can totally bounce back and you will. You go girl!!

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