afternoon pages, a natural hair rant, and a pet update

I wanted to write some morning pages today, but I woke up late and forgot… so I’m gonna invent afternoon pages and do that.

Right now I’m super nauseous and my stomach hurts because of my antibiotics. I’m getting a little better and I hope the feeling better actually lasts this time. But I’m not in a great mood because of my stomach pain so this post may not be the most kind.

I haven’t posted any photos on my blog in like forever. I’ve been having a hard time with my google photos account because It won’t allow me to back up photos on 2 accounts so I’ve either gotta switch all my photos to one account or I need to change which account is connected to my wordpress. I honestly haven’t taken a ton of photos lately because I’ve been in a bit of a depressive state since Mel died, but I’m getting back to my former grind. I’ve taken and edited photos for 2 days straight and I uploaded a picture to my instagram today. I’m gonna try to really put more focus into my photos because I think people really liked seeing my pictures on my blog and I genuinely enjoy taking pictures and enjoy editing them even more.

I recently got a desk planner (from Happy Planner) and it’s really helped me to realize that I need to prioritize my writing and online presence if I intend to make my writing and stuff into a career. I’m gonna be reaching out to other blogs so I can start guest posting. My happy planner in a vertical layout planner with 3 boxes that I’ve delineated to top box: daily personal life, middle box: work and business, bottom box: goals. It’s cool to plan things out like instagram posts in advance, it makes me feel like I have more incentive to do things since in general I’m lacking in motivation.

If you’ve wondered about my new job, I’ll write about it now. I don’t wanna tell you exactly where I work because I don’t wanna disclose too too much of my personal life (so as to prevent stalking) and I also don’t know about my employer’s policy when it comes to talking about there, but I work at a clothing store. My manager and coworkers so far have been super nice and accommodating. It’s kinda cool to see all the different types of people who can enter one place in a day. I also really like being able to organize things when there’s nothing else for me to do. I’m terrible at cleaning up around the house, but for some reason I like color coding the clothes and jewelry at the store. I also like getting paid.

Last night I watched a video on youtube that made me laugh from the creators ignorance. I don’t wanna reveal who made the video because I actually like the girls other videos but this one just wasn’t it. She was making a video about how buzzfeed videos suck and I should’ve known her commentary wouldn’t be great because honestly most of the people who make these “Buzzfeed Cringe” videos don’t think with a ton of nuance. But I watched it anyway. So the video started out with her calling the “Women try Manspreading” video misandry *eye roll*. I should’ve clicked off then but I like to torture myself so I kept watching. She then went on to rant for a solid 2 minutes about a video about like natural hair problems. In her rant she complained about how black people complain too much and how “It’s just hair”. I wish people who don’t even give black people’s unique struggles a second thought wouldn’t spout out these “hot takes” about black hair. Sadly for many people, it isn’t just hair. It’s identity and it’s struggle, it’s a cause of anxiety and it’s something that makes them the other, it’s unprofessional and it’s a distraction. So if you don’t understand that many black people are forced to hide their hair for fear of being fired, being assaulted, being insulted, and even just being touched without consent… maybe don’t give your opinion on how “black people straighten their hair and I’m not offended” because it makes you look like you don’t ever think about others. Yawn.

hmm… I wanna write 900 words and this one is the 730th.

About once a week I get this strong urge to rearrange my bedroom. There’s this part of me that say’s my room would feel more roomy if I moved my bed to the other side of the room but I also really like how my room is now and Poptart (my chihuahua) would probably be mad at me if I moved his nest that he built under my wicker chair. He’s a funny little dude. He dragged my small stuffed animals from the bottom shelf on the rack I keep them on to under the chair and he loves to sleep there. I didn’t think he was strong enough to carry around those stuffed animals but he’s not only strong enough to move one, as of the last time I checked his nest he had at least 7 stuffed animals down there. Maddie (my cat) scratched him the other day and he has a cut in his side now that he won’t stop licking 😦 . I might as well update you on all my pets now since I’m already taking about them. Peanut (my female chihuahua) is doing ok, she go some wet food on her face the other day and it dried up and now she won’t let me wipe it off of her. I hope it flakes off. Maddie is average, shes mean and noisy as usual, but what else can you expect from a spoiled 13 year old persian cat? Samoa and Posh (the french bulldogs) are dong great. They’re puppies so they kinda always act the same: energetic and enthusiastic. They climbed up to a ledge that we keep their treats on the other day and knocked down a bucket of training treats and ate about 1/3 of the bucket about 4 days ago. That annoyed me.

would you look at that, I’ve now written over 1000 words so I guess my afternoon pages are over with.

Hopefully you liked this!

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