Day in the Life: September 7th, 2018

I bet you thought I might not post today.

Of course I will! I’m not a loser, I keep my promises (for the most part).

Today I’m just gonna tell you what happened in my day, ok?

I woke up 30 minutes after my alarm went off because for once in my life I snoozed. I never tend to hit snooze, I normally will just give up and decide to sleep till whenever if I don’t wanna wake up with my alarm. But today was an exception to my rule and I hit snooze 3 times.

I woke up late and then I decided to laze around in the living room for a while until it became time to go to work.

I ate some oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast and then I got ready for work.

I got ready and my eye makeup turned out really bright. Normally warm toned eyeshadows disappear into my skin but I got a new eyeshadow palette and it turned out red. I like how it looks though, it just surprised me.

It worked out though because my eyeshadow turned out the same color as the embroidery on my shirt. I wore a white shirt with red and orange embroidered flowers and a pair of white jeans with my brown thigh high boots. Remember that i wore white jeans.

Once I got to work I was immediately put onto the sales floor while the assistant manager was putting security tags onto the new arrivals in the back store room. I helped a lot of customers today, and I’m pretty sure I exceeded my ales goals so that’s cool.

I took my break at about 2:00pm and when I went to the restroom I made a wonderful discovery.

I started my period.

The worst thing about my birth control implant is that I get surprise spotting whenever y body decides rather than a predictable menstrual cycle.

So since I switched out my bag in the morning, of course I didn’t have any pads on my person so i wrapped my panties in toilet paper and finished my break then went back to work.

The rest of my day at work was pretty uneventful, and I went home after.

I still don’t feel wonderful because my antibiotics still make my stomach hurt and I’m pretty drained from my recovering from illness.

My mom and I went to the bank to deposit some money as well, pretty average time with that.

Now, I just ate dinner and I think I’m gonna go to sleep early in hopes that I’ll have a decent amount of energy tomorrow for my long shift.

Oh, you know what else?

I just got a flash flood warning on my phone so that’s cool.

Hopefully no damage will be brought onto my area.


One thought on “Day in the Life: September 7th, 2018

  1. I hope the flood didn’t get to you!

    You should have taken a picture or your makeup and outfit, they sound lovely!

    I’m in the pill so I usually know when my period is coming and it’s much lighter too, so that’s good. I hope it didn’t stain your white jeans!!

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