About 600 Words

Good morning.

These are my pages.

I’m gonna do a short morning page entry today because I feel like I have a lot to do today.

I’m thinking about something odd this morning.

Iceberg lettuce.

I think iceberg lettuce is the most disgusting food on the planet. There’s nothing I’ve ever eaten that disgusts me to my core in the way that iceberg lettuce does. Whenever people talk about iceberg lettuce they describe it as being mild and flavorless, but I don’t know what’s wrong with their tastebuds because for me iceberg lettuce is one of the strongest flavors on the planet. It tastes like ammonia and dental equipment. I wish restaurants would offer salads on better base greens than iceberg because it honestly dissuades me from going to restaurants because I know that it’s likely that at a lot of restaurants the only think I’m gonna be willing to eat would be a salad but then they have to ruin it by serving it on a pile of earwax leaves!

It really works me up when I go to restaurants and the only vegan option is an altered iceberg lettuce salad. I only go to restaurants a few times a year but still! Give me spinach at least!

Whatever, restaurants are too expensive anyway.

You know what else is gross and associated with salads?

Ranch dressing.

I had a short ranch dressing phase when I was like 7 years old where I really liked ranch dressing, but that ended quickly.

Ranch dressing has a gross texture and  I honestly don’t wanna eat anything that’s tart while also containing dairy. It makes me happy to see the vegan ranch dressings though because I know there are people out there who like it and it’s good to have a variety of vegan substitutes.

Posh and Samoa are being obnoxious right now.

I really wish they wouldn’t chew on stuff and drool right above my house shoes. They make me get my socks wet. They’re gross in like every way though so I shouldn’t expect anything better.

Today I’m scheduled at work for nine and a half hours. I get a break but still… nine and a half hours. I think I’d be more ok working 9 hour shifts if my schedule was consistent, but some days I only work 3 hours.

I hope today’s a busy day at work because I’d much rather be spread thin than feel like I have nothing to do. I hate feeling like I’m wasting my life.

Sometimes I wonder what they’re doing in the store next to mine. When I’m in the back I can sometimes hear like cheering and stuff. I wonder if they’re doing stuff like that video of the walmart employees singing we will rock you. Maybe I’m just apathetic and I get confused when I hear others expressing joy.

I think I express joy though, just in a less noisy way.

I’m such a high strung person that sometimes joy is just shown as like… exhaling.

I need to invent something like a night guard for the day because I grind my teeth when I’m stressed or pissed off (which is about 40% of the time) and I think it’s making my jaw bigger and the last thing I need is an even more square jaw. That’s definitely in my top 5 insecurities about my body. I just think my whole jaw line needs to go through a paper shredder.

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what they regret?

I do that a lot and I think it’s kind of sadistic.

Alright, I’m at about 600 words so I’ll leave you for now.



One thought on “About 600 Words

  1. One girl you’re too funny 😂 I like iceberg lettuce hahaha but I prefer baby spinach for sure! It if unfortunate that so many restaurants still lack a good vegan option in their menu. I refuse to pay $12 for a stupid salad anyways 🙄

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