Women Can Date Who They Want, I Shouldn’t Have To Say That!

I have to work another 9 and a half hour shift today…!

I’m not excited!

I definitely need to post before going to work because I know 100% that I’m gonna feel awful after working!


Let’s write a post that matters today, because the past few posts have been in my opinion hot garbage.

I saw a post on twitter today that kind of lambasted women for having aesthetic preferences in romantic partners today and it pissed me off a little.

It was basically stating that if your main trait you look for in a partner is intelligence, you can’t have any preferences when it comes to looks because you’ll chase away the actually smart people.

dude, what?

Is it impossible for smart people to look good and this is just my first time hearing about it?

Are we really doing this?

Is this a conversation we need to have?

Well people are having it so I guess that’s what we’re doing now.

OK, I really need to start getting ready so I’m gonna try to get my point across in as concise of a way as possible.

  1. not all smart people are ugly? I thought we knew that?
  2. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date handsome men
  3. I’m not sure intelligence should be the number one thing you llok for i a romantic partner. What about compatibility? Why aren’t we making that observation?
  4. Being picky can be a good thing because it doesn’t mean you have to wade through the waters of people who are absolutely not your type.
  5. Why do we only have this conversation when it comes to women’s aesthetic preferences? What about all the men who write disgusting things about women with “flaws” as small as stretch marks? Why can’t we write 11 tweet long threads about them?
  6. (I didn’t mention this earlier but the thread also criticised hypergamy.) Who cares if a woman wants to date a rich man? If you aren’t rich it doesn’t affect you!

Ugh, I spent too much time getting distracted in the middle of writing this and it ended up just as bad as my other posts.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for anything good to come out of me for another day.

Bye for now, wish me luck for my 9 1/2 hour shift.


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