Guess Who’s Thinking About Mortality Again?

Don’t worry, nobody in my life has died, but 4 important figures in my life are nearing the ends of their natural lives.

  • My cat, Maddie
  • My male chihuahua, Poptart
  • My female chihuahua, Peanut
  • and Betty White

I occasionally get little memento mori strikes on my psyche where I remember that some day I’m gonna die and that’s not only gonna end any chance I have to do more with my life, but hopefully it will affect others. I feel a little odd saying “hopefully it will affect others” because a part of me never wants to make anybody sad, but I also don’t want to be a person who impacts nobody, you know?

So last night I was thinking about Betty White because I’ve decided when I get my dream pet, a sulcata/ african spur-thighed tortoise, I will name said tortoise after a golden girl. If you need to know one thing about me it’s that The Golden Girls is my favorite TV show ever. So I was contemplating which golden girl to name my non-existent tortoise after and I decided I don’t want to name her Rose because I have already had a pet named Rose, she was one of my mice that I had when I was 10-11. It made me feel a little bad because I have a bit of a sick obsession with Betty White and thus I want to memorialize her in any way I can once she passes on. It’s on my bucket list to meet Betty White some day and it makes me sad to be reminded that I’m running out of time to live that dream.

So with sad Betty White thoughts in my head I looked over to the 3 animals laying in my bed in search for consolation and upon looking at the greyed faces of Peanut, Poptart, and Maddie; I remembered their mortality as well. The 3 are all elderly and they’re beginning to show signs of their age (i.e Maddie’s fake death stunt).

It kinda freaks me out to think of the blow that my mind will take when any of the 3 of them die because having been through 2 pet deaths this year, I know just how bad I can get upon a pet’s death. I think my big defense against crippling depression following their deaths would be preparing myself, as London and Marshmallows deaths were both sudden surprises.

So with this mental burden that I have I’ve decided to just take as many photos and videos of them as I can before it’s too late.

And as far as Betty White is concerned, I’m just gonna have to speed up my road to success so I can meet her.

So I suppose if you wanna help me become successful so I can meet Betty White (yes, I’m guilt-tripping you), you can follow my blog and support my future work in general. I have a lot of links and such on my website.

Thank you for reading! ♡


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  1. Foxxy Fay

    Losing pets is really tough… It’s so sad to think they live such short lives compared to us ): I don’t think I got to meet London! One of my cats passed away before the smartphone era, so I didn’t have nearly as many pictures of him as I had of my other cat and dog, it makes me so sad </3 I think taking lot's of pictures of your pets is a great idea Make lots of memories and give the mots of love ❤

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