post 200

I’m 200 posts in!

I’m so happy that my blog has actually lasted long enough to reach this milestone!

When I first started I was worried that this may be a thing I do for a month and then give up but I really feel like my blog is a part of my life now and is one of the most important things to me currently.

So I thought I’d tell you something I’ve neglected to reveal for the 7 months I’ve been blogging on

I had another blog in the past.

You may or may not have assumed this because I’ve posted before about how I miss the old “blogosphere” and how the internet was a big deal in my childhood. This blog was something I worked on for a few months when I was 11 years old and wow… It’s god awful.

My blog was titled “funtime? maybe!” and it was a total childish ripoff of hyperbole and a half. The title of the blog came from my awful Borat impression in which I only ever said “we have fun time!”

I guess I’ll show you some screenshots now…

Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 18.16.44
Did you think your random phase was bad?
Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 18.17.00
really great layout
Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 18.17.15
great font. great questions nobody ever asked.
Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 18.17.37
this was my about page

So I guess I’ll sum up this post by giving you a feel good lesson.

If my old blog proves anything it’s that there’s always time to change and nothing in your life ever has to be stagnant.

Thank god.

If you wanna go check out the content my awful 11 year old self was producing you can go to



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