Just Answer the Question!

As you may know I work at a clothing store.

Yesterday a customer came in and she pissed me all the way off.

She came in with 3 other people to get a gift for her sisters birthday. She asked me to get items off of mannequins, she complained about the lack of shoes in certain sizes, and all of that wouldv’e been fine had she not done what she did when I was ringing up her items.

In the system our register uses we have to ask if the customer wants a gift receipt before the regular receipt will print. Of course I could just press no and print the receipt but I don’t want to deny anyone of a gift receipt that they may want so I always ask.

As I was scanning her items she seemed really annoyed and every time I would speak she would cringe. I guess I have an annoying voice to her. So as she was staring at anything but me I finally built up the courage to say "would you like a gift receipt?" 

She asked me "Why?"

What kind of answer is that!?

I said "You're buying your sister a gift, would you like a gift receipt?"

She stared at me for a solid 8 seconds before saying, "Yes, I'm buying a gift but why would you ask me that?" As though she was offended!

Her son who seemed to be embarassed by his mothers obtuseness leaned in and said "Mom, it's a yes or no question."

She doubled down and said "I know that but it's her size and she'll like it so why would she ask me about a gift receipt?"

I wanted to scream at her "I DON'T KNOW YOUR SISTER! SAY YES OR NO!" but I'm the most weak person to ever live so I said "Ma'am is that a no?" 

She rolled her eyes and said "Of course not" and then mumbled to herself "What's she talking about a gift receipt for".

I was so livid that I wanted to just throw the dress at her but I'm amazing at my job so I pressed no on the cash register and asked her a final question: "would you like you receipt in the bag?"

I prayed on the inside that she wouldn't say something stupid but she replied "Give me the receipt so I can make sure you didn't mess it up!" and tore it out of my hand!


So I kept my cool and just gave her her bag and said "thank you have a nice day."

She rolled her eyes and walked out with her husband, her son, and whatever the lady she brought with her was. As she walked out I heard her husband say "you were too hard on her" and she responded "shut up."

How rude can you get!

I’m still mad and I needed to vent.

If you’ve ever worked customer service tell me a time you got pissed. I’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. shikaardeta

    Working in retail can definitely test your patience. There are a bunch of times where I just wanted to smack some customers right upside their head. If I can, I usually get someone else to handle it or act as unbothered as possible even though I’m seething on the inside so they look like the crazy person to everyone else. But, there will always be a really great customer for every crazy customer out there!

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  2. Foxxy Fay

    UUUUGGGGHHHH, some customers SUUUUUUUCK!!! That’s the worst part of retail, no one will ever understand the level of stupid that exists until they work retail… I’m sorry that mom was a jerk to you, at least her family knows she was the stupid one.

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