I’m Gonna Learn To Play Chess

I’ve always found chess to be an interesting game and I’ve thought it’s very entertaining to monitor the politics of chess.

So I’m gonna become a chess player!

I didn’t know that there were chess websites and apps (don’t call me dumb for that) and since I learned about that today, I don’t have to buy a chess board and track down a person to teach me! Where I live, I don’t find many people who talk about chess. My high school didn’t have a chess club and if it did, I suspect it would’ve been a bit of a boys club and I wouldn’t feel very welcome.

I can’t wait to learn how to play the game and start playing other people!

It’s gonna be so cool, dudes.

Do you know what’s the epitome of opulence? a prominently displayed chess board.

Do you know where I’ll really stand out? A chess tournament.

Do you know what one of my favorite motifs in homestuck was? Chess

This is gonna be so great.

I wanna be one of those people who gets a picture taken with a chess board in front of them. You know the pictures I’m talking about? Those are cool.

I’m just so excited!

I’m gonna live one of my small dreams and this is a good step to start living bigger dreams.

I’m gonna do the occasional chess update because I think this is super interesting, so look out for those!

Thanks for reading!



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