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I have writers block again. I’m a very lucky person in that I don’t tend to have month long writers block or even week long writers block normally. It tends to last maybe 5 days at most. Yesterday I hoped to get out a post but it was just not happening. I counted and I tried 9 whole times to start a post and each time I would write a sentence and then feel like it wasn’t working. I considered just putting up one of my drafts but that felt a little disingenuous.

I guess I’ll talk about an interesting thing that happened today,

A guy offered me 70 dollars for pictures of my feet.

I occasionally get messages and emails along these lines but this is the largest monetary offer I’ve ever received.

It was very tempting to just send my paypal link to him but I just don’t think the foot photo life is for me. I’m not against other people doing it but I’m really young and I have a very valid fear of things I do being brought up against me in the future.

Would you have said yes?

I don’t want to discourage people from trying to talk to me though. I appreciate the emails and comments I get from you guys a lot!

I actually wish more readers would send me emails and leave comments! I try my best to respond to everyone and I really feel fulfilled when I get them. I love talking to you guys!

People on tumblr are a different breed though. They’re very complimentary but they can prod a bit. Not awful though (except the perverts).

Would you guys be ok if I started posting really short posts on days when I’m uninspired? It feels like I’m dragging this post on.

I guess as a thank you for reading this I’ll give y’all a photo:

maddie and I both moved right when the camera went off so we’re both blurry




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  1. Foxxy Fay

    I’d totally sell for pictures for $70! I e heard of girls who just send random google pictures to guys lol I think it would be a great way to have an income and be able to focus on what I really wanna do with my life as opposed to having to spend 40h/week at a job I don’t wanna make a career of :/

    I think short posts are great! Better than not posting or just rambling about nothing. I haven’t been posting but I think about it every day :/


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