Focusing on My Finances

I got called in to come to work, so I don’t have as much time as I thought I did to blog today…

I’ve been spending all morning trying to figure out how I’m gonna use my paycheck when it comes. I know 2 things I absolutely want to buy and I also am gonna go to my favorite farmers market some time soon so those are a few expenditures. I really wanna save at least 30 dollars from each paycheck though for christmas and stuff.

I am a master money waster.

I shouldn’t be allowed to make financial decisions on my own.

I’m trying to save up for a lot of things:

  • christmas gifts
  • winter stuff
  • a camera that I found on ebay
  • just in case
  • etc etc etc

But of course there’s a very loud part of me screaming to buy anything that’s pastel and fluffy. That part of me is also probably the part of me that hates going to work.

That part of me sucks.

I think once I’m in college I’m gonna really put a lot of focus into maintaining a good financial state. I’m focused on that now of course, but it’ll be even more important when the university tries to gouge my eyes out.

I’m gonna try to get a bit more freelance work because (A) it was really rewarding when I got my Seedling magazine payment (B) I like money and (C) I think my trick will be not buying anything with freelance money until I’m in a place I’ve decided to use it i.e I have enough money to buy a big thing (like a camera) or I’m on vacation. That was a horrible run-on sentence.

So I’m gonna buckle down and focus on my finances.

I’ve even put an expense tracker in my bullet journal so you know I’m serious.

What do y’all do to save money?

Also if you know how… how do I raise my credit score? Asking for a friend. That friend’s name is Mikah.



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  1. Legend

    It sounds like you need to budget money for fluffies and pastels. If you always tell yourself you can’t have any of that, and then you break and buy it anyway, it leaves you believing that you have no self control and can never change. Instead, set aside like $5 from each paycheck and see how long you can go without spending it. But if you do spend it, there’s no guilt. Now it’s a fun game.

    It’s a good idea to use Freelance money for something outside of your normal budget. That will motivate you to pursue more freelance work.

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  2. Foxxy Fay

    I try to save as much money as possible. I always ask myself if I really NEED it or if I just WANT it. You can buy your wants once in a while, but make sure all your needs are covered before spending any extra money, specially if you don’t have a regular income

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  3. Legend

    Ohey, one thing you can do (assuming you know someone you trust completely) is to make a bank account and transfer full ownership to a trusted person. Then make deposits into that account. You now cannot touch that money. You can then make an agreement with that person that they will not “unlock” the money for you until you have $X, and then only to buy Y item. Like if you want that camera, tell your friend not to give you the money unless it’s for that camera.


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