I’m considering changing my blog theme.

For my readers who don’t know what I mean by theme, I mean the layout of the website, not the content I put up.

I really like my theme right now but it feel a little… packaged? It feels a bit generic, you know?

I like how easy it is to navigate my website and I like having all the stuff on the sidebar so I want to keep those aspects but I don’t know. I wish I knew how to code so my website could be entirely custom.

You can upload your own theme with the wordpress business plan but I think I’ll need a little more incentive before I spend my paycheck(s) on it.


I’ve considered possibly purchasing the business plan once I’m making more money and then hiring a web designer since I know a little more than nothing about web design.

I am a person who values aesthetics very highly (almost to a fault) so when things I have control over don’t look they way I want them to, it grates highly on me.



We need to talk.





Last year, they were cute but this year… oh my god.

They’re all pink and purple and there are ones with animal faces on the tips!!!!!!


…I bought 9 pairs today.

I should be stocked up on socks for the winter.


Oh my god it’s almost 9 and I still haven’t posted.

I started typing this post at 15:00 and I got distracted.


This is weird.

Thanks for reading?


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  1. Foxxy Fay

    Hahaha you’re too funny! I wanna change my theme too, I feel so constricted having to chose from a pre determined set of layouts ): I used to code when I first started blogging, but a lot has changed since then and I didn’t keep up with new coding, so I’m stuck like you with what WordPress has to offer :/ the customization is very minimal and I’m never quite satisfied with how my blog looks, but eventually I’ll find the right theme!


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