The Downside of Goal Setting

The downside of setting specific goals for something like monthly blog views is that the ability to reach my goal depends almost entirely on others.

I can’t trust strangers on the internet to place value on helping me reach my arbitrary goals that don’t do anything of value for them.

My goal for this passing week was to reach 420 blog views as a step to ultimately reach my 560 blog view goal. I’m at about 330 views.

I have been getting fewer views than I prefer lately and it’s kind of upsetting.

It makes me question myself.

Am I boring?

Has the novelty of my blog worn off?

Does nobody care about me?

I think I’m getting fewer views because it’s fall and people are back to school and people have fall television to distract themselves with so my blog is on the back burner.

Ugh, it sucks to not meet goals.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a swarm of people aren’t going to find my blog and give it traffic so I don’t think I’ll be reaching my monthly views goal. 😦

At least I’ve met most of my other ones though.

Here’s a picture of me for the road:

hugging my flamingo

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