Nothing to Write About

I should’ve written earlier.

I really have nothing on my mind though.

I went to work earlier than normal this morning so I couldn’t have posted in the morning unless I was up earlier and inspired, but I got off work early so I should’ve written right as I got home.

I didn’t do that of course, because why would I do something rational?

I looked through twitter to see if maybe I could find something to comment on but nobody is posting about any debatable topic today.

I wish today was an eventful day and I could do a day in the life that’s worth anything but I literally woke up, went to work, came home and bullet journalled, and now I’m blogging.


I can’t think of anything to write about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m just gonna give you guys some photos.

This weeks bullet journal spread
another photo of me in my new hoodie
my laptop with some squishies on it. they help me write.

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