Figment Pillow Pet

I really want to blog as often as possible during December, so I’m just gonna get an entry out for peace of mind.

Today I went to the psychiatrist and I’m happy about it.
I feel like for the past month and a half I’ve gone to work and gone home. I really truly enjoy doing stuff so I really liked being out and about for a few hours.

My mom’s the best. For those who don’t know this about me, my favorite park at Disney World is EPCOT. Because I love EPCOT so much, I obviously have an affinity for Figment.

My mom bought me a figment pillow pet!!!

I love him.

My absurd stuffed animal collection is increasing in ridiculousness though.

um… I really want to go to bed now so…



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  1. Raven Lost

    Aww, he’s so cute! Lol, I love stuffed animals too (I feel like such a child because of it 😂) P.S. I think you look perfectly fine in those pictures, much better than I would look even on a good day


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