Rediscovery: GMM

Hi again.

I’m trying to get an entry out there before my dinner is done in the oven.

I think I’m getting sick right now.

I’ve had a bad headache since I woke up, I coughed so hard I almost vomited earlier, and my nose has been running like a broken faucet my whole work day.


I don’ really have much to talk about, but I’ve rediscovered something I used to love…

I’ve started watching good mythical morning again.

I haven’t reaslly watched GMM in a long time, but I’ve listened to Rhett and Link’s podcast religiously since like 2013.

I quite like GMM still.

I used to watch an episode every night before I went to bed for like 3 years.

um… so…

That’s about all that’s new in my life.


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