Contacts, Schedules, Whatever

ooh late post

I don’t have a ton to say right now because I’m tired and I really want to go to sleep but I know I should post just for the habit of it.

I’m up for a busy few days soon.

On Saturday I’m taking my required drivers ed course, on Sunday I’m probably gonna be working over 8 hours, and on Monday I have my orientation.

I don’t like having obligations every day that aren’t a part of a daily routine.

I think I would definitely prefer if my work schedule was consistent rather than different times each day, you know?

Maybe it’s actually that I just hate doing things I don’t want to do.

I can imagine that if I was a celebrity I would enjoy stuff like award shows that aren’t routine. I probably just hate boring stuff.

I hope that I get to do cool stuff often in the future.


I really don’t have much on my mind.

I think I want to start wearing contacts more.

I don’t have many contacts right now so I wear them super sparingly, but I think when I get my next prescription I’ll order a lot of contacts.

Weird question:

Are circle lenses super out of vogue nowadays?

I remember when everyone that was cool wore circle lenses, but I haven’t seen many people wearing them for the past like 2 years. There’s a pair of really cool lenses that have pink and black tulips on the edges that make your eyes look frilly that I really really want to buy.

It’s not that I want to fit in badly, but I keep talking myself out of buying them.

I also want to buy a pair of sclera lenses.

I think that would be cool. I’ve always wanted to look like I’m possessed.

It’s hard to talk yourself into spending money on cosmetic lenses.

Wow, how vapid.

I think I’m too tired to be blogging right now.

Have a nice night!


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