I want to sleep

I’m here, don’t worry.

I really don’t want to write because I’m so sleepy so I’ll just let you know I’m here and tomorrows post will be a thing.

My orientation was today and it was very…….


You’ll learn more later.

ok, sleep now


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  1. Raven Lost

    Sleep now, write later! Can’t wait to hear about how it went, but until then, you need your rest! There’s no sense in wearing yourself out when you’re already stressed. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
    Lots of love, from your friend,
    (P.S. Hope I don’t weird you out or anything by always commenting on your posts 😅 Just want to show my support and provide feedback – I know how important it can be! I’m just doing for you what I hope others will do for me 💗)


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