Orlando Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Hello again!

I just got home from work and I want to blog so…

Next disney post!

*warning, lots and lots of photos ahead*

We pretty much sped from our room out to the park this day. We had an early reservation at one of me and my mom’s favorite restaurants in all of disney: Tusker House!

Christmas stuff is still out!

When you enter the park there’s a long stretch of mostly foliage that make great backdrops for photos. Just fyi.

Waiting to get called in to eat.
I really like the “Africa” area in Animal Kingdom. It feels like an actual place rather than an artificial theme park (which it is).
First POG juice of the trip!
They’re keeping it from me because they know I’ll drink like 40 dollars worth of juice if I had full access to it.

My futile attempts at capturing the decor.

Our meal was really great. The food there is wonderful and it’s a really comfortable environment.

We were seated next to this japanese family that kept making my mom and I laugh. When we entered the restaurant I heard one of them say (in Japanese) “if this is supposed to be in Africa why is nobody black?” A valid question. They also had like 7 cameras between them and it was funny to see them take 4 pictures and you think they’re done, then they pull out 3 more cameras.

After finishing up at Tusker House we went over into Pandora for our fast pass. Pandora is a new addition since the last time I visited disney and it’s super cool.

Do you see the sign that says end of line? The line for Flight of Passage was 5 hours long. The line goes into the Africa section of the park.
I didn’t think that the floating mountains would be as cool as they are but they’re so cool!

All of the real and fake botany in this area is so scene setting.
self centered.

This is the view of the floating mountains from the fast pass entrance to… Navi River Journey!

Please excuse the upcoming blurry photos, the boat is in constant motion but I wanted to get some photos on the ride to show you guys.

There’s a navi dude back there (I think he’s in the movie, but I’ve never seen avatar).

these leaves jiggle like there’s something hopping on them. That terrified my mom.

These dudes are so cute!!! (they’re called hexapedes) I seriously considered buying a stuffed animal one.

This is like the coolest animatronic ever. Shes like 10 feet tall and the movements are like there’s a giant human in body paint.

We sadly didn’t get a fast pass for flight of passage so we didn’t get to ride that on our trip 😦 I don’t think there’s much I’d wait 5 hours for. Maybe if I could meet Li Shang from Mulan… He’s cute… Maybe not 5 hours in line cute, though.

And with this we exit Pandora.

The next thing we did was the Gorilla Falls walking trail. My mom mainly waited for me to fully observe everything while giggling at me.

When I walked up to the okapi viewing are I heard a full grown lady, probably 40-something years old exclaim “I didn’t know there were brown zebras!” Sometimes I forget there are people who know nothing about animals.
I wish I got a good picture of this mouse. He was so cute. I want pet mice again 😦
Naked mole rats!

There were a load of these african cichlids all over.
These 2 are giving a concert to…
All of these babies!
I call Peanut my meerkat so looking at them made me miss her even more 😦
It made me super sad to see the gorillas in captivity. I have really conflicted feelings about animals in captivity but I very specifically have a distaste for primates in captivity. I don’t know, sometimes I think they could have an opportunity to live a better life under human care in cases like rhinos and fish but… ugh this is supposed to be a fun post so I’ll talk about animal ethics another day.

After we finished the walking trail, we didn’t really know what to do so we walked over to the tree of life to go watch It’s Tough To Be A Bug.

When we were on our way there, they were letting the macaws do their flight and when one flew over our heads, a guy walking in front of my mom and I said “look a toucan!” and now my mom and I call every bird we see a toucan.

It’s so so so cool. When I was a kid this tree terrified me, though. I just don;t like things that are too big. When the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground was still open at disney I burst into hysteric sobbing because big stuff just terrifies me. I still freak out when I think about living in a big house.
More pun posters. I really wanted to get a picture of the “Little Shop of Hornets” poster but I couldn’t get into this corner.
Ceiling of the theater.

After that we had another fast pass for Expedition Everest! To my knowledge Expedition Everest is the first roller coaster I ever rode. I get really nostalgic when I think of it.

Take note of the wait time.

No ride photos, sorry. But after this ride, we went to eat. We went to Yak and Yeti because we didn’t have any reservations for lunch. We sat there for a pretty long time and I made some new friends…



I pet one of the ducks… I know that’s irresponsible but I can’t help myself.

Next thing on the docket: Festival of the Lion King!

This was our 3rd fast pass and it’s one of the best uses of a fast pass in my opinion.

We didn’t really have much else to do until Rivers of Light. We kinda strolled about for a while. We wanted to see the Finding Nemo musical, but the last show of the day started just as we started making our way over to see it. That sucks, I wanted to see the puppets.

So we had the first dole whips of the trip.

And then we went over to the Maharaja Jungle Trek. My mom sat outside while I went through, her feet were hurting.

So this is a Komodo Dragon. I have a story about Komodo Dragons. 

I’ve never been any of my teachers favorite student, mainly because I have a tendency to correct them. When I was in fourth grade we were talking about reptiles and my teacher asked us for examples of reptiles and I raised my hand and said Komodo Dragon. My teacher asked me what a komodo dragon is and I described a Komodo Dragon, to which she said  something along the lines of “oh honey, those are fantasy creatures” to which I replied, “no they’re not, google it”. (admittedly rude, but who could blame me? It’s not my fault you’re a teacher yet you don’t know about southeast asian reptiles) She then googled it and saw that they’re real and seemed upset for the rest of the class period. I don’t think she liked me ever again after that. But I digress.

I didn’t take many photos on the Jungle Trek because most of the animals weren’t out and the birds in the aviary move to fast to get a good picture of.

After I walked through the Jungle Trek it was about time for us to go to our seats for Rivers of Light. This is a new addition for me as well. I’m gonna give you the photos with no commentary so you can just observe.

We then made our way out of the park because we had dinner reservations at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. On our way out, we got to see the Tree of Life lit up.

We then took the long walk to the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge. We waited for like 20 minutes and I got to see a sight I’ve never seen. A little boy pissing. He was like 4 years old and he was very urgently telling his mom how bad he had to pee and his mother was clearly at the end of her rope because she dragged him by the arm into the bushes and pulled down his pants and told him to pee. It was kinda funny. It reminded me of when a lot of stories came out of people in Shanghai Disneyland not knowing there were public bathrooms and pissing in the planters. I have a sneaky suspicion the boys mom told him to go to the bathroom and he argued that he didn’t need to because his mom was for real fed up.

big ass tree number like 26
The animal Kingdom Lodge is gorgeous. I bet it’s even prettier during day time when you can see out of the giant window.

Boma was pretty good. It’s generally tough to be vegan at disney but there was a good amount of stuff and the chef made me a special dessert. I nearly had a panic attack about talking to the chef though. I felt like a gigantic burden.

I think I had raspberry sorbet like 5 times on this trip. Not complaining about that.

After Boma we just went back to our room.

Next is the Magic Kingdom!

And New Years Eve… *dun dun dun*

Talk to you later!


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  1. Raven Lost

    Yay all the photos finally loaded for me! 🙌 I’m sooooo jealous! I think if I’ve ever been to Animal Kingdom it was only when I was really little – which sucks because animal kingdom is obviously my favorite with me being a huge animal person! Oh my gosh the scenery was gorgeous 😍 I loved every picture (blurry or not 😁) I’m glad you had so much fun, and now I really wish I could go, eeeee!!!


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