Orlando Day 4: Magic Kingdom on New Year’s Eve!

*We’re back on track with the Disney posts. I’m gonna try to be better about posting, I swear.*

Woohoo! It’s December 31st, New Years Eve!

Today, we’re going to spend about 17 hours out and about (that’s my way of warning you that I think this post has over 100 photos in it).

We woke up at about 6:00 and made our way to the gates of the Magic Kingdom so that we could take the monorail to the Contemporary.

Someone left their pelligrino (or perrier?)
You can see a little of the lake out the window.


We had reservations at Chef Mickey’s.


We ate pretty quickly because we were terrified of them closing the park for capacity while we ate (they did eventually close for capacity at like 11:30).

While we were sitting, I broke the hell out of my nail adjusting my tripod in my backpack. Luckily they had bandaids.

So after eating, we took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom!

This is the emptiest the park was and we were still getting shoved.
One of my favorite parts of Disney: close encounters with egrets.

We didn’t have any fastpasses or reservations for a while, so we decided to just waste our time and went to take pictures…

With Merida!

You don’t really see her anywhere except her meet and greet.

I don’t know what happened, but I can’t track down my photos with her 😦

But, we went into Fantasyland through the Tommorowland/Fantasyland passage right near where Merida hangs out. I mention this to give context for my egregious photos of the neon Tomorrowland flowers.

can you believe there are no filters on these photos!?

Next up, Winnie the Pooh!

Surprisingly enough, the line was just about as entertaining as the ride. The ride wins though because Kanga and Roo are in there.


There were huge screens that you could draw on with honey. I tried to draw a heart for you, but it’s kinda wonky.

It’s really tough to get clear photos on that ride, so I saved you the eye strain and didn’t upload my horrifficly blurry images.

After that, we went to the Philharmagic.

No photos of the show because the screens are 3d, sorry.

Have some posters!

We noodled for a bit, and then it was time for our first fast pass: It’s A Small World!

Have you ever noticed that the sign has the ride name in quotation marks? It makes me uncomfortable.

There’s like 50 photos from this ride so maybe scroll for like 25 seconds? If you don’t wanna see, of course.

The wait was 120 minutes. At like 10:30…
We got onto our boat with only about a 10 minute wait, thanks fast passes.

“Everybody who seen the leprechaun say yeah!” “yeah!” *Smiles into news cameras*
Some of my favorite animatronics: geese!!! (although I’m not sure they’re animatronics, they might just be statues on lazy susans, I still love them though)

Step on the bottle already!!!

sweet sheep babies and a pan flute
We’re in the Asia room at this point.

I love all of this scene. The shadow, the tiger, the costumes.

I’ve been told that this is supposed to be Cleopatra. I don’t believe it, wouldn’t she be in Africa?
I have a tsum tsum of this hippo. It’s a lot less creepy than the real one. The everglowing eyes are kinda ominous.

So cute my eyes are bleeding.
noot noot x1000
I just really like the bull.

It’s like impossible to get a good picture of the koala. Luckily it’s not that cute though (sorry koala).
Is the boomerang and dingo thing charged? I guess the whole ride is just cute-ification of stereotypes so…  ¯\_(´・ω・`)_/¯

Kiwis! You know kiwis have a crazy egg to body ratio. Google kiwi with egg if you want your crotch to hurt.

White room!

My favorite costumes in the whole ride. Too bad I couldn’t get a good picture.

They show your name on these screens. That’s a new addition and it made me really happy.

After that, we had more free time.

So we got peter pan floats! To my knowledge they’re vegan aside from the white chocolate feather.

A great view of my bandage.

We then went up to the front of the park to see Tinker Bell!

My photo with her doesn’t look great so I’ll keep that one for me.

You won’t believe what you’re about to see though…

It’s like 11:00 in this photo.

The line to get a drink at Starbucks was like 30 minutes. I know that because I waited in it…

My mom needed coffee, am I supposed to say no?

We were back in the hub and had reservations at the Skipper Canteen relatively soon, so we went to my favorite part of the Magic Kingdom…

Adventureland! YAY!

The tiki room was just opening up for another show, so of course we had to go in.

The boys in the back are called macaws.Because of their claws? No because they’re macaws!

A multitude of Audrey 2’s

When I was a kid, when the tikis started singing I screeched. It still kinda freaks me out.

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but the tiki room is my favorite thing in all of disney world. Followed closely by the China pavillion in Epcot, the Tower of Terror, and Festival of the Lion King. (I have a favorite in each park! I never noticed!)

I quite liked the Skipper Canteen. I ate 2 servings of falafel and a lot of my noodle dish. I couldn’t finish the noodles because they were too spicy 😦 weak.
My mom and I both got the slush but he doesn’t like boba of any kind so I got to have hers. heheheh

We noodled about more and then it was time for another fast pass across the park.

The 7 Dwarfs Mine Train!

(yes, it’s dwarfs not dwarves. I didn’t make that choice)

I don’t know anything about Snow White but I’m like 95% sure that this is her and her 7 man-friend’s house.

The ride was a roller coaster, so I didn’t get any pictures, but the mine scene was super cool. Highly recommend if you have a fastpass. I don’t know if I’d wait in a more than 1 and a half hour line though (the line was 4 hours when we rode it).

After this we decided to go to Fronteirland and watch the Country Bear Jambouree, but we were foiled by…

the parade.

It took forever to walk. The people trying to walk were completely stagnant because the parade viewers weren’t doing us any favors and the cast members were directing traffic in a pretty nonsensical way (this will be a theme today).

It was still the christmas parade, btw. If you look at the former photos, you’ll notice the princesses are wearing their winter outfits. Those are nutcrackers. I don’t know why I’m including these photos, you can’t see anything.
This is another favorite of mine.

A fashion icon


This is my favorite merchandise at any store. They’ve had this badge for sale since I was 8 so someone must be buying the “Sheriff I Love Horses” badge. (I would if I had unlimited funds, tbh)

They were giving out free hats and “tooters” (that’s what my mom and I call them, they’re just paper horns) and because of that, I flipped off a stranger for the first time.

There was a line where they were distributing the goods and I was in it when suddenly a lady with a stroller rams into my ankles and tells me to move. I tell her I’m in a line and she makes a face at me and says “act like it”. What’s that supposed to mean? I’m just standing. You know, like one does in a line? And she pushes her stroller into me again to get her point across, so I flipped her off…

I feel kinda bad about it.

So something really interesting that they did was a New Years fireworks show at about 18:00. I thought that was nice so that the people with little kids don’t have to keep their kids in the park so late. They must feel exhausted after doing 2 huge fireworks extravaganzas…

You know how I mentioned the way crowds were being directed? Here’s where we call back to that.

My mom and I had reservation at the Crystal Palace which was semi-near where we were if we cut through Adventureland. We walked all the way through Adventureland (the Crystal Palace is like 20 feet from the sign) and right a we were about to exit, they changed the crowd direction. The thing is we were literally the last people walking in that direction, so the guy directing crowds made specifically the 2 of us turn around and not just walk around but walk a specific path through the back of Adventureland, past Pirates of the Carribean, OUTSIDE the park, through the staff parking lot back to the front of the park and down Main Street to get to a restaurant that was 30 feet away at most. We weren’t the only people walking that route, but we were the only people who were stopped and turned around. My mom was livid.

We barely made it to our reservations on time and later in the evening my mom went to guest services to complain (the gave us 6 all purpose fast passes though so yay for that).

Crowd check.

This photo looks crazy, but it’s crazier at eye level. I feel bad for the little kids walking in this.

Dinner was nice. They had really good bread and a pesto pasta dish that was labeled vegan! Exciting!!!

I ate a ton of pasta…


I took this during our chaotic walk around the premises earlier.

After our dinner, my mom went to guest services and told me to go do something (she felt like she was ruining my fun, she wasn’t), so I decided to ride the peoplemover since it pretty much never has a wait. Well… It did today. The wait for the peoplemover was 35 minutes long. To give you context for that, the average wait time year round is 5 minutes…

still pleasant though
the epcot model

After all that, we were in the home stretch. We found a spot for the fireworks.

They were letting us sit until we had to be packed like sardines, so I sat on the ground cross-legged and fell asleep… hahaha.

I normally go to bed at like 21:00.


I hope you can tell what’s happening in the video. They shot off fireworks 360 degrees all around the park. It was amazing. It was like it was sunset for a little because of all the light.

That can’t be good for the environment though…

But yeah, after that we left. It took about 40 minutes to walk out of the park because of the bottleneck of all the people leaving from the same exit.

We took the bus back to our hotel and pretty much fell asleep the second we entered the room.

Thanks for reading! (all 1800 words hopefully)

See you soon!


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