Spongebob at the Super Bowl

The super bowl was yesterday.

I never know when it’s gonna happen and most years I learn the date of the super bowl the day after it happens, honestly.

I like to watch the half time show the day after, it’s kind of a ritual and this years show was disappointing.

I’m not going to blindly hate on Maroon 5, but I think this was an odd choice. (I’m just saying I want a BTS half time show, it would shake the table even though it’s a bad idea)

The halftime show isn’t supposed to be a concert in the middle of a football game, it’s kind of performance focused event and when I think of amazing live performers Maroon 5 are pretty low on that list.

It wasn’t like offensive in it’s badness, in fact I wouldn’t really call it bad. It was just… a concert.

It was cool to see Travis Scott and Big Boi come out. (even though Big Boi’s fur coat made me wretch STOP KILLING ANIMALS FOR UGLY CLOTHES!!!)

What’s interesting is that most discussion of the halftime show I’ve seen has been about the spongebob cameo?

I don’t know, I guess I’m not into spongebob enough to care.

Stephen Hillenburg was a revolutionary in his field and it’s nice to see a tribute to him, but…

Do people really like spongebob this much?

I always considered spongebob to be a backup option. Like if I was stuck in the house and Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb, or iCarly (or who am I kidding, any trash reality tv show [come back flavor of love!!!]) weren’t on I would settle for spongebob. It was never first choice though.

I’ve noticed a lot of people my age have an obsession with this show and I can’t seem to get it. I’ve seen people call it the best show ever made, the blueprint of comedy, the foundation of their childhood, and all sorts of other hopefully hyperbolic accolades. I really don’t get it!

I really liked the spongebob movie as a kid, but it felt a load different that the show. The show was just… noisy? I can’t think of a description. Lots of the episodes are great, but the great episodes are outnumbered like 15 to 1 at this point after the shows 20 year run.

ooo… You wanna feel old?

I’ve been alive for a shorter time that spongebob has been on TV.

Isn’t that weird to think about?

Spongebob’s first episode aired before I was even conceived.

I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

It would’ve been interesting to see an all spongebob halftime show I guess.



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