Trying The New Editor Again


I’m hoping that after giving it over a month for bug fixes, the new wordpress editor may be useable.

I’m not super into this, honestly. My opinion on web design is kind of skewed though, because I miss the older days of web design when everything was — for lack of a better word– cluttered.

I like tons of widgets, moving elements, custom cursors, unnecessary design elements (i.e heart shaped buttons and confetti), and music player bars to name just a few of my favorites.

I really don’t like minimalist design most of the time.

As an example, I saw a photo of a house that was renovated and they removed all the personality. The house before renovation was a beautiful blue with iron details and molding around the roof, and after renovation it was all white and sleek lines with no details in sight. It was a box.

Why are people into that? I get super minimalist design with no frills and all function, but these designs seem like they’re going for at least some aesthetic value.

I don’t like sleekness. I like fuzz.

I hope the late 2010’s style fades soon. I don’t like a lot of common aesthetic aspects that I see a lot of now. (not that they’re bad, I just don’t wish to partake) Stuff like smooth minimalist-esque web design, super warm toned photos, pounds upon pounds of cheekbone highlighter, a gallon of lip filler, etc.

I think this editor is working btw.

Good on wordpress for fixing stuff.

Alright, I really need to eat dinner.


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