Posture is Hard

I’ve decided that I wan to have good posture.

All day today I’ve really focused on keeping my shoulders from slumping forward, but now I’m really sore.

I’m super terrified of being in constant pain by the time I’m 30 so I really want to try my best to do things right.

On the topic of posture, have you heard of orthotropics?

It’s a technique that’s an alternative to orthodontics where they strategically place pressure on certain parts of the mouth to reshape the whole skull, essentially.

I watched a video about it and I noticed something odd.

They kept mentioning how the people became better looking after orthotropic treatment, but I thought the majority of the examples became worse looking…

I think I may just be weird.

Most people after the treatment had really defined jaws and intense cheekbones and those are 2 of the least attractive traits to me. I think it may just be because I think I have a pretty intense jaw and big cheekbones.

I always see women online praising men with the really intense bone structure, and I’ve never got it. They remind me of bicycle seats. (maybe that’s why the women like them *eyebrow wiggle*)

I’ve always thought if I ever get plastic surgery, the first thing to happen would be an intensive jawbone shaving.

I think it may just be that americans are like that. I’ve never seen people in asia for example praising the square jaw.

God, all my entries are weird recently. Thanks if you read this.


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