Is 7 Rings Satirical? (Probably Not, But I’m Gonna Talk About Capitalism and Stuff For A While)

Ok, it seems like the hype for this song has died down so now I feel comfortable asking. I’m being 100% genuine when I ask/contemplate about this.

I only heard the song in it’s entirety for the first time today, and I felt very weird upon paying attention to the lyrics.

I’m not particularly fond of encouraging opulence in general, but I tend to excuse it when I feel like there are other messages in a song or the flaunting is more relateable (i.e Money by Cardi B & C.R.E.A.M by Wu Tang). I hadn’t really looked into the song, and was quite surprised when I listened to the distinctly capitalist lyrics.

“If it ain’t money, then wrong number”

I think the song itself is completely in earnest and I don’t think it’s something that actually upsets me, but it does make me uncomfortable thinking about the way people live with dreams of an elite lifestyle. (If you haven’t caught on, this post isn’t actually about the song. But I got you to read! haha, suckers! Thanks for the web traffic!)

You’ll sometimes see a disdain for promoting excessive lifestyle (especially for women) in marxist feminist circles, and I thought that sentiment was becoming more commonplace. I often see people making statements online about how everyone who’s exceedingly rich should make more effort to redistribute wealth, but today I took a stroll through “local twitter” and found that it seems as though I’m in an echo chamber. Sick.

I feel comfortable admitting that I quite enjoy being in an echo chamber when it comes to certain things; I enjoy never interacting with flat earthers, I don’t tend to hang out with neonazis, my understanding of the political climate of South America is pretty minimal (although I think I’m doing better than the majority of people in the U.S [who probably have never heard of Bolsonaro]), etc. I didn’t think that my discomfort in the super-rich was one of those topics, though.

I know that there are a lot of capitalists, people into trickle-down theory, people who don’t care about the lower classes. I just didn’t know that regular, left leaning, young people (with very similar demographics to myself) were so into lives of luxury.

“Bought matching rings for six of my bitches”

It’s not shocking when you think too hard about it (as I tend to do). Many people really only think of the things in their proximity (I don’t mean physical proximity), tending to limit their worldview to what’s in their orbit. You don’t meet many people where I live who pay any mind to the plight of the Rohingya Muslims of Burma, for example. When you pay most of your mind to your proximity, it’s easy to think that if you help your family, friends, or community “move up” that you’ve done a major service. And you have! It’s good to improve the lives of those who you care about. Hoarding wealth after that, however, isn’t something that I consider virtuous.

But what even is virtue?

It really is one of the most nebulous concepts I can think of.

There may not even be any value to assigning virtue to actions and traits.

It’s backfired in the past. One example that immediately comes to mind is assigning virtue to virginity. or many people who lose their virginity in less than desirable situations, the belief that their virginity was a virtuous trait causes them a ton of strife.

Is virtue something to be fought for?

If we consider riches to be virtuous, the next logical question to ask ourselves is whether or not we even want to be virtuous. I mean, these giant corporations are doing terrible things to the environment and society as a whole, all for the hope of monetary gain. Privatized water ringing a bell?

Let’s say we consider the lives of the rich to be distinctly lacking in virtue. Let’s be ascetics for the sake of the discourse.

Does that matter either?

Should we care whether or not things “matter”?

Will unhinged animosity be or savior or compassion and understanding?

Why are you reading my blog?

I don’t have a conclusion if I’m being honest.

I do have my opinions, but do they matter? We could rephrase this post to be about whether I have any meaningful contributions in my writing.

I guess I’ll end this by putting out one statement that I do think matters and I can comfortably say.

I’m very glad gucci slides aren’t plaguing the streets like they were in 2017. If you’re gonna flex, put in more effort into it. Geez, buy a Fendi bag bug or something. Similar price (used), more special. I thought you were flexing to stand out.

~Authors Note~

This post isn’t very well organized. It was pretty last minute, too. I literally started typing right after the song ended. The song made me think of the seemingly one sided debate I often see where people will make a bit of a strawman with the argument “we need more female millionaires” (this can be applied to anything btw “we need more black cops” “we need more muslim republicans” “we need more gay prison guards” whatever) and then people will own this non existing pro-female-millionaire person.

Kinda just wanted to meditate on what comes to mind when I hear capitalist messaging.

p.s I think this is my 3rd blog entry where I mention Ariana Grande… You’d think I’m stalking her or something. She just comes up a lot recently. Good marketing strategist I guess.

p.p.s Thank you for reading and happy early valentines day!!!! (probably my favorite holiday)


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