New Obsession: Chinese Photoshop Abuse

So I like to believe that I generally keep up with worldwide trends or at least what’s en vogue in east asia, but I was not aware of this.

I’ve seen photos circulating of a girl who edits her photos super alien-like and claims to be 20 kilograms, but I thought that was just her thing.

But no.

There is a whole legion of rich chinese kids who seem to not have the best grasp of the controls in Meitu.

I wish I had the spine to show you photo evidence, but honestly I’m not mean enough or confident enough in my likelihood of not being contacted by may “victims”.

I’ve counted about 25 people who I’ve found that do this weird photo editing style just today alone (and I only searched around for like 20 minutes) and I’m sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The style consists of super pale skin, dorito chins, giant eyes, huge bright white shimmering lying silkworms/ aegyo sal (eyebags? they’re on purpose so I don’t know if eyebag would be the right term), weird grey contact lenses, praying mantis esque limbs, and noses as pointy as broken glass.

It’s right on the verge of unsettling and I think if I hadn’t seen so many examples of horrible anime anatomy I’d be having nightmares.

What’s especially wild to me is that not many people seem critical of it. I mean you see a lot of mean comments and copy-pastes of buddhist mantras in comments, but these people are getting paid. They’re being sent sponsored products and being hired to model for online stores. One even made a movie about himself!!!!!

There’s a part of me that feels like this is a super unique phenomenon, but then I remember that here in america there are tons of people doing the same thing but they’re just editing differently. I mean for as much as I appreciate Thomas Halbert, some of his instagram photos are just…….. no comment. (and I can’t talk, meitu is definitely in the top 10 of my most used apps)

For every insect bodied chinese kid on weibo, there’s a giant-bummed american on instagram.

So I guess I’ll just respect the hustle?

I’ll also vomit about the fact that I just unironically used the word “hustle”.

If you wanna look at some of these kids, the instagram @ richkids_fashions_police is a good place to find a distilled flow of these photos.


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