February Draws to a Close

Look at me! 2 entries in 1 day! Been a while since I last did that.

Well, I wanted February to be a time for some self improvement, and I think I’ve done that.

I wanted to blog daily: I did.

I wanted to post on Instagram daily: I did.

I wanted to stretch more and do some of my at home physical therapy more often: I did.

I wanted to really keep up with my bullet journal: I did.

I wanted to work on my internal clock: I did.

I think this has been good for me. I’ve been less anxious, my body has been a little less achy thanks to my stretching, etc.

The thing I’m most excited about is that I really went out on a limb.

I submitted photos to modeling agencies.

I’ve wanted to model for a while, but I’ve always been scared to and I really am happy with myself even if I don’t get accepted.

Ugh. I just.

I’m really happy.

I haven’t felt super insecure or sullen pretty much all month and that’s super great for me.

So since my february goals have been mostly met, I suppose it’s time for new ones.

I want to fully get my license really bad. It’s definitely #1 on my list. I’m hoping to do a lot of driving practice during March and then perhaps I’ll be skilled enough for the driving test.

One thing I’ve really wanted to do in 2019 in general is return to cosplaying. I’ve decided on my first cosplay to get myself back into it: Angie Yonaga from Dangan Ronpa. She’s relatively simple in design but has a good amount of my favorite parts of cosplay like props and interesting hair. Plus she’s one of the rare anime type characters with tan skin. (I know she’s in the manga and video game but her style is anime esque, you get it)

I want to do more endurance exercise for a while, too. I consider myself to have above average lung capacity; I can hold out notes for quite long, my breath control tends to be one of my best critiques when I sing, and I was always helping in choir with staggered breathing. However, I would like to be able to talk and sing while moving better. Whenever I did musical theatre, my breath control quality dropped significantly during more tedious choreography.

I have more on my mind but those were the 3 I wanted to talk about today, so I’ll leave y’all alone.


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