Orlando Day 5: Magic Kingdom pt 2

It’s been well over 2 weeks since the last time I made one of these posts. I should be done soon, but who knows. I’m great at getting distracted.

First day of 2019!

We start it out by waking up early and taking the disney bus to the Magic Kingdom, then the monorail to the Polynesian resort. I think this one’s my mom’s favorite. Maybe Animal Kingdom Lodge actually.

None of the photos of the scenery here are filtered. The lighting and decor/plants are so gorgeous I don’t even need to edit the brightness.
Check out my moms bag in the bottom left corner.
Life tip for white supremacists: THIS is the proper use of a tiki torch.
The lobby smells really good (a bit coconutty for my taste but still good). People even try to recreate the scent with custom candles.

We had reservations for breakfast at Ohana. We were seated super duper fast and the food came out quickly too. It’s served family style, I didn’t eat much because it was mostly animal products.

But nothing else matters because here you can meet LILO!

I love her. BTW you’re welcome for the sticker on my armpit. The angle, lighting, and my armpit color were tagteam wrestling me. I lost.
This is the moment where my organs were vaporized by the cuteness. He’s in a lei!!!
When you leave there’s a meet and greet with Pluto and he’s lei’d up too!

We then took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom.

A lot of people were coming into the park again this day, so we kinda had to fight our way n (luckily the monorail has it’s own bag check so we didn’t need to go through security which had probably an hour long line.

We looked around in the stores on as we walked down the middle of Main Street U.S.A (see what I did there?). My mom was on a bit of a wild goose chase for a towel she really wanted but couldn’t find. The shop staff were so nice that they gave her the display towel which was the last one in the whole property apparently (or something like that).

We had a lot of time before needing to do anything so we leisured and took photos in front of the castle. The photographer didn’t get the whole castle for some reason though :/

I dubbed today my Princess Day, because we did an absurd amount of princess related activities.

Our first P.A (Princess Activity) of the day was the Tiana and Rapunzel meet and greet. This is so, so special because you get more time to actually converse with the princesses. We were behind a little girl who was fully decked out in Rapunzel merch and she was so, so excited. Her little brother was too, which surprised me because he was fully decked out in a Lightning McQueen getup. He really liked Tiana. It was really cute.

I almost gasped when I walked in and saw Tiana. The photos really don’t do her justice. She’s like the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. And don’t look too long at her arms. It’s a great way to make yourself feel insecure.
You can really tell how pale I am in these photos hahaha………

In all of my pictures with Rapunzel my eyes are closed 😦 Didn’t want to post them.

After meeting Tiana and Rapunzel, we walked over to ride The Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

More scenery that needs no editing.
Have y’all ever heard the cover of Oops I Did It Again in Scuttle’s voice? I think about it whenever someone mentions The Little Mermaid.
The ride stopped when we were about here. They do the “the ride will begin again shortly” announcement in Sebastian’s voice.
On the bight side of the ride topping, I got a good shot of this. 🙂
I really wanted a picture of Flotsum and Jetsum, but they were too dark so here’s a picture of Ursula as a consolation.
The Triton animatronic is giant. I bet if it was full body it would be like 12 feet tall.

After this we went on Space Ranger Spin to use one of our 3 extra fast passes. I’m terrible at shooting on this ride (and most rides in general if we’re being honest).

We were behind a lady who is apparently a pro at this and she was giving the guy she’s with pointers on how to rack up points.

I love black light. My pants lit up on here.
Audrey 2? What are you doing here?
I got 114,300 point! I was super excited until I overheard the lady in front of us say she was disappointed that she got 750,000… :/
But who cares, I’m a Planetary Pilot.

We then made our way out of Tommorowland and we decided to go to the Laugh Floor because the wait was only like 10 minutes.

I always hope to get picked for the audience participation and I never do… They can sense my eagerness…

After that, my mom took a break.

She did that because she doesn’t do spinning and I felt a primal urge to ride The Mad Tea Party.

Not a great moment in bangs history. Also a case study of how I’m the sweatiest woman in showbusiness.
I can’t not take pictures of pretty things.

We then had a bit of a wait for our reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table, so I took the opportunity to take pictures with the castle.

Not a good angle for face pictures… But my dress looks too cute here to not show it to everyone.
Being wistful.

I put my tripod low on the ground and took these with my shutter button. People who walked by stared like “look at this lonely weirdo”.

They still have the christmas decorations up.

We sat around inside the castle once our time came and then took pictures with Cinderella (another one of my favorites), there’s a few more photos until her. be patient.

OK. The big Princess Activity.

Can you believe how pretty this view is?
Both of my photos with Cinderella were off guard. This is the far better of the 2.

In the restaurant I had a cous cous dish, a salad, and raspberry sorbet. It was nice to have food that’s actually food that I can eat. Most people in the restaurant were having steak and stuff, so don’t think the price is astronomically high. Vegetarian and vegan stuff just tends to be cheaper than fancy meat and smelly cheese.

My mom has my photos with all the princesses here on her phone, I don’t want to rummage for them. I’ll make another post of all my pictures that didn’t get put in posts once I’m finished with Disney posts. In the restaurant you meet Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, and Ariel. I think when I was a kid you could meet Mulan but she has her own meet and greet in EPCOT now so I guess they took her out 😦 sad because we didn’t have time for the Mulan meet and greet ad I love her. (Daily reminder that I’d pay good money to meet Li Shang. TAKE MY IDEA, DISNEY!!!!!)

After this we used another one of our fast passes and went on Space Mountain! Well, actually, I went on Space Mountain, my mom used the chicken exit.

You can’t really get photos on Space Mountain, so enjoy the Spaceport poster.
I forgot since the last time I visited Disney just how huge Space Mountain is. You can fully see it outside the park.

After this we kinda just noodled around. We had a pre-planned fast pass for The Haunted Mansion though, so of course we rode it. This is one of my favorite rides, but it’s also really hard to photograph.

Pet Cemetary. Mr. Toad’s up there 😦
This is the coolest thing to me. I was so confused the first time I saw it.
My favorite portrait in the stretching room. I strongly considered purchasing stretching room socks but I held out.
Even though it’s supposed to be creepy I just think the whole ride is pretty.

We noodled around some more. My mom started to feel a little sick around this point in the day.

But she’s a trooper so she went on Big Thunder Mountain with me. She also loves the ride so it’s not much of a decision.

We then made our way out of the park via fantasyland. We had one last fast pass and used it on Peter Pan’s Flight.

Proof that these dark rides are impossible to photograph.

This was our last ride of the day.

A visual of the crowds form the castle’s POV.

We had reservations at Artist Pointe at Wilderness Lodge and we decided to take the boat over there.

Waiting for the boat with us was a family with 2 little kids and the kids were very into running. Their poor mom was trying her best to wrangle them but it’s like they wouldn’t listen to her, because the moment she’d tell them to stop running and touching people they’d get back up and do the same thing. I hope they were just super hyper in that moment because that would get on anyone’s nerves to deal with 24/7.

View from the dock.
You kinda slingshot past the Grand Floridian on the way to Wilderness Lodge. *audible sigh*
Super pretty. Even nicer inside.
I did’t get a good shot of the actual building, but you can see how tall it is in the background of this photo of the christmas tree.
Inside Artist Pointe.
These little apple truffles were painfully cute. I’m melting.

Here you meet Snow White, Dopey, and I think Grumpy(?). This is another case where I don’t want to rifle through my mom’s phone.

Snow White remembered us! We were really excited but also felt kinda like huge dorks because we’re doing all these P.A’s so quickly that the princesses do double takes.

Toward the end of the meal, you the Evil Queen comes out and you can’t line up to meet her. She summons you.

Getting a stern talking to. (Do you see her cheekbone highlighter!? not edited! It’s like her cheekbones are metal!)
My mom loves this picture.

This was probably my favorite of our days. We did a lot of stuff but it felt leisurely whereas on some days we wouldn’t do much but it was very fast paced.

This day was relaxing.

Well, thank you for reading! I hope you liked this entry!

Have a magical day!!!


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