Introduction After 1 Year

I realized the other day that if you haven’t been reading my blog since the beginning, you may not really know much about me. I mean, you’ll probably know a lot, but not like a general idea of my ethos you know?

The last time I did a solid introduction I had only like 10 blog subscribers so it’s highly likely that about 250 of you haven’t read that entry.

So here’s a link to it: link to it

Assuming you just read that, it may be a good idea for me to elaborate and maybe tell you some more things about me? I don’t know, if you don’t like self centered posts this one isn’t for you.

So. Hello, I’m Mikah and I’m the person that writes all these blog entries. I just celebrated my first whole year of blogging on

I’m an 18 year old from somewhere in the U.S. My birthday is August 5th, 2000. I looked up what my birth chart means and I’ll kinda summarize it to you if you care about astrology.

My sun sign is Leo. Apparently that means I’m attention seeking (accurate) and outgoing (less accurate). My moon is in Libra, justice seeking (the homestuck fan inside me is shivering thinking about Terezi). My Mercury is in Cancer. My Venus is in Leo. So is my Mars. Plus my ascendant. Jupiter in Gemini. Saturn in Taurus. Uranus in Aquarius. Same with Neptune. Pluto in Sagittarius. Lilith in Capricorn.

Writing that made me giggle because I don’t really care about astrology, but people thrown FITS whenever astrology is mentioned and it entertains me. I tend to be entertained by fanfare. I kinda like to watch the world burn. Not in a bad way though, I just enjoy watching chaos from afar. Like that scene in Mean Girls where the whole school is fighting and Regina George is at the top of the stairs watching it all and smirking.

One of my favorite things in the world is learning about what’s happening in people’s lives. I love celebrity gossip and world news in a similar way. I really care about the plight of others.

This interest has lead to one of my greatest pleasures in life: language study.

I find that when people find out I speak their language, they’re a lot more comfortable with me and they’ll open up to me easier. For example, I went to the Korean bath house a long while ago and I got a body scrub/ massage from this older Korean lady and when she found out I spoke some Korean she kind of lit up and we had really nice conversation. I love it when that happens. When I worked retail a lot of women who only spoke Spanish would shop in the store and even though I can’t count well in Spanish and tended to tell them the wrong price, they seemed to enjoy my presence. I have a tough time counting in like every language.

I’m studying Spanish, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, and Russian.

I’ve found that Russian is the hardest for me. There aren’t very strict grammar rules in Russian so I always feel like I’m messing up. The easiest for me is Mandarin. Most people have a tough time with it but I find the grammar very simple and the characters are quite easy to remember. You don’t really need to worry about spelling in Mandarin which I like. You kinda only have to recreate an image, which I find easier.

Speaking of communication, I genuinely believe that I can commune with animals. Like I’m not joking. I don’t think I can talk to them per say, but I think I have a much better grasp on animals than the average person.

Animals have always interested me. When I was a kid one of my favorite things in the world were these Discovery Channel animal info cards that would have all sorts of stats on different species. I had multiple binders completely full of them.

My adoration of animals has really affected many aspects of my life. For example, I’m vegan. I’ve always been vegetarian. Never eaten meat on purpose. I went vegan on January 6th of 2017 and I’ve been vegan since aside from the dairy I had to eat when I was in ED treatment. I hope that in my lifetime I’ll be able to help people better understand the plight of animals and hopefully I can inspire positive change in at least a few peoples ethical compass.

I also have 5 pets. 3 of them are actually mine and 2 of them are my moms. I have 2 chihuahuas named Peanut and Poptart and a Persian cat named Maddie. My mom has 2 french bulldogs named Posh and Samoa. Maddie is almost 14(!) years old and Peanut and Poptart turned 10 on December 21st. Posh and Samoa are both a bit over a year old. I’ve always had pets. For some reason most of my baby photos have some creature in them (other than me). I really, really, really want a tortoise. If I ever have a tortoise I’ll either name them Tortellini or a Golden Girls name that fits their personality.

Speaking of Golden Girls, here are a few of my favorite things.

  • favorite TV show: The Golden Girls
  • favorite color: buttercup/ pastel yellow
  • favorite movie: Little Shop of Horrors
  • favorite disney movie: Oliver and Company
  • favorite musician: Beyonce
  • favorite food: falafel
  • favorite scent: baby powder
  • favorite clothing item: my pink floral Axes Femme dress or my white scrunchy socks
  • favorite animal: Chianina Cattle

I’m apparently smart. I don’t really know if I am, I think I do a lot of stupid stuff. I got a 35 on the ACT and a 1400 on the SAT. I’m not super happy with my SAT score, I think if I took it one more time (and studied long term) I could’ve gotten a 1450. I’m hoping to test for MENSA membership some time soon. I wanna prepare more beforehand though. You can only take the test once in the U.S.

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I like my hair when it works with me, but when it doesn’t I genuinely hate it. My hair texture is in a bit of a limbo state because it doesn’t fall like straight hair but it doesn’t naturally have volume like kinky hair. I think hair around my texture isn’t very versatile without a lot of help. Like I can’t do straight hairstyles like blunt bangs but I can’t do the kinky hair techniques like twist outs. No matter how much or how little product I use when I try to do a twist out or bantu knots or any of those things, my hair ends up looking like leeches. I generally like my hair though. I get a lot of compliments on it when I have a good hair day.

My favorite physical trait of mine is my eyes I think. I like their size and I like their color. I like my nose too. It’s… a nose… noses aren’t that special but mine isn’t distracting or anything so I guess I like it, you know?

When I was a kid I really wanted to be a stand up comedian. I used to write sets for myself ad do them alone in the living room. That really affected my writing and speech style. I think I’m a really funny person if the attention is on me. If you aren’t paying full attention, you’ll probably miss my jokes though. That doesn’t tend to work out in my favor because sometimes people will think I’m totally serious because they didn’t pay attention to my intonation or they weren’t looking at my body language. So sometimes I upset people.

I love to entertain in general. My favorite place is the stage. I’ve acted since I was young and I love to sing. I hope to sing for a living in the future. I’ve actually been working on writing some songs lately. I have a handful of songs written, but I have a tough time with tracks because I’m not amazing at making tracks and I don’t want to buy from those online beat makers because I’ve heard they’re often scammers. I’ve heard they’ll sell you a beat for a flat rate then come back once a song makes money and threaten you for a cut of your revenue. I’m gonna try to figure out the beatmaking software I have.

I also like to take photos. I especially like photos of plants and people. I don’t really have anyone to photograph though so my subject tends to be me.

This doesn’t upset me much though because I’m hoping to get into modeling. I’ve recently submitted headshots to quite a few agencies. Most of them have a 2 week response window, so I’m still waiting. I’m not super hopeful, but I still have my fingers crossed.

I want to live somewhere foreign in the future. I’d like to live probably in Amsterdam, Seoul, or maybe Moscow. Although there’s quite a bit of unrest in Russia now and it’s ramping up so maybe I’ll just visit. It’s my dream to get married in St Basil’s Cathedral. I think it’s the most gorgeous building on earth. I’ve never been one for architecture, but I gasp just looking at photos of it. Same with the Moscow Metro. If you haven’t looked up photos of the Moscow Metro, please google it. It’s ABSURD.

Absurdly beautiful.

See, I’m in a bit of a dilemma right now. I’m kind of out of ideas, but I know I’ll come up with something like right after this is published. :/

I’ll just end it here.

P.S check out the most self centered thing I’ve ever done. I made a collage of myself… I like it :/


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