You Ever Just… Freak Out?

Howdy. It’s about 1:00 as I write this. I like to be asleep at like 21:00.

But I’m just generally freaked out.

It started out because I saw a creepy photo on twitter and now I’m all jumpy.

I think I may just pull an all nighter because I’ve been meaning to reset my clock so I can wake up a bit earlier anyway and I don’t think I’m falling asleep for at least a few hours.

I think typing for a while may aid in my relaxation though, so I’m just gonna be here for a while.

I think you should have to put trigger warnings on creepy images. I don’t think it should be mandatory or anything, but I try my best to include gif warnings for people with epilepsy or sensitive eyes and I think people should include creepy warnings for scaredy cats.

I remember when the Babadook came out and photos of the titular creature were all over the internet I was like “guess I’ll just do some online window shopping till this movie blows over” and I would still see the Babadook because there was merch!!!

I think I’m like to most easily scared person ever.

It’s generally a bad idea to expose your weaknesses.

When I was in junior high my friends found out I have a sensitive neck and would touch y neck to surprise me and it was torture. I should have never let them know.

It sucks that you can’t be vulnerable about stuff as simple as being ticklish.

I’ve calmed down faster than expected.

I’m gonna do some flash cards.

See you probably later today.


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