Bloggers Block + Posh Yelling

I feel, like, so uninspired.

I really want to blog a lot like I did last month, but I have literally no ideas.

I’m working on another disney entry, but those take a while to make because I have to import all the photos and write my actual commentary. So I’m here feeling like I’ve blogged, but there’s no content.

I think I just came up with an idea.

I’m gonna write about what’s around me and see if I can make an entry out of it.

Ok, so I’m in the living room and the foremost thing that stands out for me is Posh and Samoa.

They’re really nasty.

They’re play fighting right now. I’m trying to not distract them because when Posh sees me in the living room, she starts scream-barking at me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I think she’s territorial and has decided that the living room is her space and I don’t know what to do about that.

Oh no.

I got her attention.

She’s barking.


Ok, gonna write through it and maybe she’ll get distracted.

I’ve never had this happen with dogs before and I fell almost like she just doesn’t like me, sometimes. But then when I’m in my mom’s bedroom with her she wont bark and she’s a loving dog to me.


Wow, I actually got a lot of content out of that.

P.S she found a toy and got distracted.

I think I’m gonna stop now, just because I have food in the oven and it’s just about done and I know I’ll forget I was writing once I distract myself with lunch.


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